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September Newsletter

Library Happenings

LiveBinders Galore!

After a brief introduction to LiveBinders by the Instructional Facilitator and me, teachers have really seemed to take advantage of this free resource to organize online information for their students. Social studies teachers from all grade levels have worked to provide standards based LiveBinders for their students.

  • Dr. Egemonye's 8th grade social studies classes came to the library and researched diseases that wiped out Native Americans in South Carolina using this Native Americans LiveBinder.
  • Both 7th grade social studies classes used this Scientific Revolution LiveBinder to research famous people from the Scientific Revolution.
  • Both 6th grade social studies classes used this Irrigation LiveBinder to compare ancient irrigation systems to modern irrigation systems.

All three LiveBinders gave students access to reliable, multimedia resources that they used to obtain information about grade level standards.

Gossett's GT 40 Book Challenge

Ms. Gossett challenged her two GT classes to a 40 book challenge this year. Being the librarian, I couldn't help but jump on this opportunity to work with her to challenge these students. We spent one of her circulation days going over the different genres and I booktalked many of my favorites from each genre. Tables were set up for each genre and students could view book trailers on books of that genre at each table. There is now a wall of "Student Recommendations" that is divided into different fiction genres so students have a chance to see what other students are recommending. I decided to do a 100 book challenge this year myself, so we have fun talking about our progress when her classes come in to the library.

Battle of the Books Kick Off

The five middle school media specialists in Anderson School District Five met and planned for the district's first annual Battle of the Books. Details and book selections are available on the library's Battle of the Books webpage. We advertised at Glenview by putting posters on the walls and running a "commercial" on the morning news. It seems like the kids are super excited about this new event!

Online Discussions

The days of plain old classroom discussions have gone online here in the Glenview Library. Ms. Murphy's 6th grade social studies students have begun their first steps in creating a set of perfect class notes. Students are using Kidblog to create posts about what they are learning in class and commenting on one another's blogs until they are accurate and detailed. Next, they will be recording those posts onto MP3 players and creating podcasts of their notes. Congrats Ms. Murphy on receiving your Donor's Choose grant and getting the hardware necessary to create and listen to podcasts!

Mrs. Gossett's students took a Socratic Seminar online using Edmodo. Students created posts in response to Mrs. Gossett's questions about the story they were studying in class. After they created their own posts, they took time to read and respond to other students' posts. Students commented that they loved this format because they could all be "responding" at the same time instead of having to wait their turn in a physical discussion. Even the self-proclaimed shy kids agreed that this format helped them be more outgoing in their posts and responses.

Summer Reading

Top Summer Readers were celebrated early this month. They came to the library during homeroom one day and feasted on brownies as they chose prize posters and received Scholastic Dollars as a reward for their hard work this summer.


Class and Individual Student Visits

81 classes visited the lirbary this month. Some came for quick circualtion visits, while others came for standard based work or reading promotion. According to the sign in sheet, 462 individual students visited the library during September.