SJA Summer Resource Guide

Outdoor Mass, Cathedral and Shrine trips, Music Mix & More

Dear SJA Parishioners,

Warm summer greetings to you all! I feel blessed to share with you an energetic and faith filled summer resource guide. Hopefully you will find this practical newsletter filled with ways to strengthen your faith from inside your home or outside in nature. Let us remember that we continue to be united in prayer whether we are at home keeping Sunday holy or attending Mass here at SJA. We know that Jesus said, "I am with you always" (Matthew 28:20). These words can comfort us during times of isolation and uncertainty.

When you have time, please join the SJA community by praying this beautiful unity prayer (see below) written specifically for our community by SJA parishioner Jane Zilly. Thank you Jane! God bless you all and please don't hesitate to reach out to me, Amanda Haberman, SJA Pastoral Minister at: or 440-247-7183 x27.

Saint Joan of Arc Vibrant Parish Prayer

Gracious God,

We are your people at St. Joan of Arc Parish, embraced by your love throughout all time. As a community of faith, joined together in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, we ask you to fill us with new life. Liberate us from all that keeps us from you. Heal us from every form of sin and violence. Reconcile us so that enemies become friends. Transform us to live your Word more profoundly. Open us to appreciate your presence in all ages, faiths and cultures. Awaken us to the sacred; nurture our relationships. Enliven our parish in the celebration and sharing of gifts. Enable us to recreate our world and restore justice. Fill us with joy to celebrate the fullness of life. Empower us to be a community of love, growing in your likeness. Please make St. Joan of Arc a vibrant parish, through your power and grace. Amen.

Enjoy Sunday Mass virtually at one of these beautiful cathedrals:

Visit a Local Shrine / Outdoor, Indoor, and Virtual Options:

Free Christian Music for Relaxing Summer Listening

Listen to this commercial free link while your laying on the beach, gardening, or headed out for a walk with the dog. Choose from instrumental, praise/worship, or contemporary to find your perfect summer grove.

SJA Garden of Life

The Garden of Life is a hidden treasure on our campus. Enjoy a walk through the garden or stay and pray a rosary on a beautiful summer day. Thank you to the Garden of Life Ministry and the Women's Guild for their dedication to the upkeep of this prayerful hideaway.
How to make your own Garden of Life

Come together as a family and make a special prayer garden, Mary garden, or place for silence and refuge in your own backyard. Click this banner for details.

New Life Brings Hope / By: Matt Valencic, SJA parishioner

People associate ‘New Life’ and ‘Hope’ with springtime, and rightfully so. Spring is the time of rebirth for trees and other plants that have been dormant for many months, giving us HOPE for a new year. But we can get used to that new life after a while and may need a booster - birds bring us that boost during June and July. About 50 species of birds live year-round in our area. They are joined by another 50+ species in May – some (Bobolinks) arriving from as far away as Uruguay and Paraguay in South America – to have their babies in NE Ohio. Nothing spells ‘New Life’ and ‘Hope’ like babies of any kind.

Below are some baby bird pictures I have been lucky enough to capture over the last several years. Let’s look at this NEW LIFE in this challenging time and see HOPE. After all, some people believe that babies are God’s way of saying this world will continue, in spite of hardships.

Best Waterfalls in Northeast Ohio

Chagrin Falls is blessed to have a beautiful waterfall to call its own! If you haven't visited the falls lately, take a stroll and stand in awe of God's creation. Find a good time to be there alone and pray alongside this beautiful backdrop. If you feel inspired, spend the summer visiting other waterfalls in our county and/or state to listen to the powerful force of the falling water, breath in the fresh moist air, and meditate on the Church's symbolic use of water to purify, cleanse, and bring about new birth into the Holy Spirit. For a list of nearby waterfalls click here:


Common Sense Media Faith Based Movie List

Click on the banner above to read a list of faith based movies to watch this summer as a family.

Christian Cinema's Family Friendly Movie List

Let Christian Cinema do the weeding for you! No need to hunt through hundreds of titles to find a movie suitable for the whole family. Just click the above link.

Catholic Virtual Tours & E-pilgimages

"A pilgrimage doesn’t always mean packing up the family and hitting the road. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can now take a virtual tour or “e-pilgrimage” to many Catholic pilgrimage sites. These virtual pilgrimages are perfect for those who are unable to travel to the actual sites themselves, as well a resource for homeschoolers or those trying to further immerse themselves or their families in the Catholic faith." (Catholic Pilgrim Sites)

Begin Here:


15 yr. old Carlos Acutis: Future Saint / Modern Day Evangelist

Carlos Acutis is set to be beatified on Oct. 10, 2020 in Assisi. Many say he will be the patron saint of technology. He is praised for using technology to spread the stories of modern day miracles. Carlos was only 15 when he died of Leukemia in 2006. You can view the list he cataloged and created titled, "Miracles List" here: and/or learn more about him on his site:
Catholic News Agency Coverage of Carlos Acutis

Click on the banner above to read about the "cause for sainthood" for Carlos Acutis.