Whats up with the Manifest Destiny?

And conflict with Mexico By Camden Czech

The deal

In 1844, James K. Polk became the President if the United States, and his main goal was to expand the country. He expanded on the idea of Manifest Destiny, saying that America should possess the whole of the Continent, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. He quickly made deals with Britain, getting the land of modern day Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Down South was a different story. In 1845, the United States finally admitted Texas as a state, and Mexico was not happy with that. They still had claims on Mexico, and they thought that admitting Texas into the Union was an act of war. The two countries stationed troops on either side of the Rio Grande, where there was a border disagreement. Mexico wanted the border to Texas to be at the Nueces River, but the US wanted the border to be at the Rio Grande. Soon, tensions came to a head, and shots were fired. The War with Mexico had just begun.