Westmoore Weekly

November 16, 2015


** Please remember staff hours are 7:15 to 3:15 unless you have an assigned duty. This includes Fridays as well.

** Make sure to check your emails and mailboxes regularly.

**Please make sure that trash and recycle cans are placed outside the door each afternoon before dismissal.

**Another great week, thanks for all you do.

**Please make sure that all food items or items that can be used by critters are secured in sealed containers. As the cold weather approaches, our friends are looking for warm places to be. If you see signs of any critters, please let us know so that we can place items in your room to help with this issue.


*November 16 - Academic Night 4-6

*November 17 - Dental Screenings for Kindergarten and 3rd, School Improvement Team at 2:45, Parent Advisory at 6:00

*November 18 - PLC Meetings

*November 19 - Health Screenings for 1st, 3rd, and 5th in Auditorium

*November 20, 23, 24 - Jean Day


*November 23 - Staff meeting at 2:45

*November 25 - Optional Workday

*November 26 - 27 - Holiday

*December 7 - Interim Reports, Elementary Benchmarks (cumulative)

*December 8 - PTA/Winter Concert 6:30

*December 9 - Basketball vs. Highfalls

*December 10 - Staff Bowling Party at 6:00

*December 15 - School Improvement Meeting at 2:45

*December 17 - Basketball vs. Southern Middle

*December 18 - Early Release - students dismiss at 11:30, Gym floor redone