Japan. Hurry up and Die.

BY: Danae' and Connor.

Japans GDP

Japans GDP is going up, it had a steep incline from 1990 to 1995. There GDP is equal 5.87 trillion US dollars at current prices. Japans GDP was contacted to be .10, in 1980 it was .51 percent.


There debt seems to be increasing, Japan is suffering from a series of ressesions. To rescue the economy japan has become the first industrialized country. They have a lack of internationalization, Japan has a debt of 8.6 trillion yen.

Japans dyeing population

The population is declining, the birth rate is also down. There is more old people then people being born, so when the people get very old there wont be many people to replace them. If the rates continue down the path they are on now, the population will mostly consist of 65+ aged people, in our opinion.