Pro-frog dissection

I think everyone should use frogs to dissect


Personal narrative

7th Grade English

  • Melany Escobedo
  • Graci Fountain ,Team leader
  • Gaspar Guerrero
  • Audie Mikalauskis


I've have always been aiming to become a veterinarian but when I had my first dissect at my school, I definitely wanted to be veterinarian when I grew up. It was my dream destination.


My first dissect was in 7th grade. I was totally prepared for the special moment because I knew everything was going to go well, and it did. All that I imagined that it was going to be, it all did. Everything started to come together, but their was a problem. The smell was so awful, and on top of that I was working with my worst enemy! When we were working together we started to actually talk and help each other when we needed help. I am glad we started talking again because ever since that project, she has been there for me.


I hope you enjoyed, and learned something from all this. But remember, their are people in this world that we might not agree with. don't judge someone by their looks or how they act, you're only hurting yourself, be strong, not weak. You don’t know if they will be the new Albert Einstein.


  • Assigned Genre: Personal Narrative
  • Target Audience: 7th grade
  • Author's Purpose: Inform
  • Presentation Genre: Blog


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(About me) (Jodi)

My name is Jodi, and i love to blog every single day. I love any kinds of animals. But my favorite kind of animal is a white tiger. When I grow up I want to save the specimen because it is in danger and I want for the population to grow, so there will be more, and so they will not be in danger.
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