Owl Pride

Volume 1 Issue 15 January 18th, 2021

Choose to be GREAT Focus of the Week- Respectful

There are 5 ways you can be respectful. Please reinforce these at home.

1. To speak respectfully…

2. To behave respectfully…

3. To respect the school environment…

4. To have respect for your own learning…

5. To have respect for other students’ learning…

Coming Up...

Basketball Schedule
  • · January 18th Basketball vs Stanton girls away, boys home

    · January 23rd Basketball vs Eldorado, away

    · January 25th Basketball vs Compass girls home, boys away

    · February 1st Basketball vs Crane girls away, boys home

    · February 8th Basketball vs Coahoma girls home, boys away

Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Principal's Page

The C in the ABC's of Student Success is Choices.

According to Jim Fay, author of Becoming and Love and Logic Parent, giving children choices is more effective than making demands. He suggests:

  • Never give choices if it might cause problems for you or anyone else.
  • Give only two options for each choice, both equally okay with you. For example, Would you like peas or carrots? or Do you want to do homework now of in 15 minutes?
  • If the child doesn't decide within 10 seconds, make the choice for him or her.

Counselor's Corner

Please check out these links below! They have some GREAT information!

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child's education.

Phone: (325) 884-3728 ext. 422

Email: shelbie.mckay@rcisd.net