Internet Safety

By shania

Being safe on the internet!

Don’t post something that you wouldn't want your parents to see.

Make sure you don't put personal information up about yourself.

Make sure you have your account setting on personal.

Only accept people you know.

Never meet people in person who you met on the internet if you do meet them make sure you tell someone before you go, Or have someone to go with.

Never share your password with anyone, Including your best friend.

Seeing someone you meet over the internet is extremely dangerous because you could be in danger.

i just want to make sure you STAY SAFE!

watch this video to find out what can happen.

parents information.

Many parents have no idea what their children are viewing on the internet. They may be unaware that their child has encountered violent or sexual content or is engaged in inappropriate conversation with strangers.

By taking an active role in supervising how your child uses the internet, you can help to ensure that they continue to have fun on the net and find the information they are looking for, while keeping safe from some of the medium’s dangers.