Displaced People in our world

By DeCameron Howard

A displaced person is

a person that is driven or expelled from his or her homeland by war, natural disaster, tyranny and/or etc. Most displaced people become homeless and refugees.

More about displaced people

There are more then 60 million displaced people that live around our world today. This should be a big concern for people around our world. It is estimated that 40,000 people are fleeing from there homes because of natural disasters, war or etc. Everyone should be informed on the problem of the displacement of people. I say they should be concerned because this can one day happen to them. Displaced people around our world is a serious problem that needs to be confronted and we as a nation should heavily try to end this problem. This nightmare is affecting families, friends and relatives everyday. This major obstacle of people getting displaced daily will never stop if wars in such countries continue to go on. Peace would help this obstacle but it wouldn't entirely end this because floods and other natural disasters contribute to this major nightmare.
Fighting for Displaced People