Survival Guide

Made by: Isabel

The Canadian Widlerness

Where am I??

This map will help you find your way through the woods. If you were to get lost make sure you have this brochure.

Survival tips

1. Water: Ok so first obviously you need water to survive and the water in the woods isn't so clean so what you need to do is find a thick piece of cloth or just fold the cloth (you can you a sponge to). Then you need to get a water bottle (which you should have brought). Then put water into the bottle that you can find. Finally get the cloth and put it towards the opening and use it as a filter.
2.Fire: to make a fire you need to first find a piece of wood and a stick and do a shown in the picture. Just in case it starts raining and if brought a snack like Doritos you can use it to kindle a fire.
3. Shelter: You need somewhere to sleep because you can't sleep in the cold rainy or snowy weather. First you need to make a triangle shape with sticks as tall as you want it do it twice. Separate as far as your body length then put a stick over it to keep it together. Now take some sticks and leaves and cover the sides.
4. BUGS: If you brought toothpaste you can use it as a bug bite reliever.
5. Wounds: When washing off wounds make sure you use CLEAN water. If you were to use unclean water you can get infected. To make a substitute for a band-aid use a small piece of cloth to tie around your wound.
6. Hunting: if you brought a knife then use that but if you didn't then you can use that but if you didn't grab a rock and scrape it against a thick stick. Use that as a spear.
7. Berries: If your bad at hunting and you still need some food then eat berries. DON'T eat red and white berries they have poison in them and will get you sick. You can eat blue and black berries.
8. Clothing when it gets cold you need to have cloths to stay warm. So if you hunted a animal that has fur you can skin it and wash the fur off then lay it out to dry in the sun. Once it's dry you can use it as a over your shoulders or if you brought a sewing kit you can sew it into a shirt or pants.
9. Compass: If you have a compass than great but if you don't there are many ways how. One way is using moss on a tree. Which way the moss is on the tree is facing it is the northern hemisphere.
10. SOS: Make a signal just in case there are air planes or helicopters flying over can see you. You can write SOS or HELP in big rocks.