Surviving Mrs. Day's Class

How to have a NICE DAY

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Six Word Memoir

Smile and use your resources, kiddo!

These six words reflect my advice to 7th graders in my class. I chose to use "Smile" as one of my words because I think that a positive attitude makes every situation better. When a class is super whiny and negative all the time, it puts everyone (including me) in a bad mood. On the other hand, if a class has a good attitude, I feel that I can have more fun with them and take the time to joke around and do more exciting projects.

The second half that says "use your resources" is there because I think this is probably the MOST important skill you can have as a student...and in life in general. Teachers offer lots of opportunities and resources to help you be successful. For example, my class website has helpful information, the class slideshow (shown on the website) tells you if there is homework for the day and includes the agenda with links to worksheets, and I'm available via email or during break, lunch, or 9th period to help. In fact, 9th period is a special program at Riverglen that really gives you a chance to touch base with teachers about missing work from absences or because of questions you had on the assignment. Want to know if you have a bad grade? Your grade is always visible on Infinite Campus showing scores for individual assignments with warnings if something is missing. Finally, there is always the internet if you know how to find trustworthy sources. There is so much out there that can help you, if you just use your resources...kiddo!

Advice #1 + Anecdote

If you are kind and hard-working, you will get more privileges as a class.

Every year I have at least one or two classes that are so wonderful that I may allow them to choose their own seats, sometimes bring them sweets, let them choose their own partners / groups / topics on projects, and even give them more options for projects. One year, I had a great class that consistently finished work early, so we had extra time to have fun discussions, share stories, and even have quick dance parties. I'll never forget one student who did the worm across the classroom when I started playing "Party Rock Anthem" which was popular at the time. Another time, they were working on an assignment well, so I started playing music and several of them started mouthing the words to the song...soon, the class was full-on singing "Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele. It was awesome. It was such a joy to teach those students. I didn't mind having some extra fun time, because I was confident they were putting in the work to learn the skills we were practicing in our units.

Advice #2 + Quote Evidence

The second piece of advice I have for surviving Mrs. Day's class is to work hard to improve your skills. I setup my gradebook so that on each skill and assignment, you will get a score that corresponds with your progress: 4-5 Exemplary, 3 Competent, 2 Basic, 1 Limited. Since I allow you to try for a better score, I'm trying to encourage you to work on skills where you struggle. Honestly, your goal shouldn't be to work to just get a good grade, which will just be a line on your report card. Your goal should be to try to improve your research and writing skills so you can continue to be successful as a student who will ultimately be able to do these tasks in a job or college someday. Afterall, "Improvement begins with I" by Arnold H. Glasow, an American author known for his humor, self-efficacy, and hard work. He was frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Chicago Tribune.

Quote about helping yourself? I want to help you be successful, but only you can really be the key to your improvement. Work to be your best and that will help you in this class and with the skills you need for your future.

About the Author

This smore was created by me, Mrs. Day. I am a credible source because who would know how to survive my class more than...well, me! Heed my advice, young chil'ns!


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