The Awesome Amazing Midwest.

By.Chloe McNicholas

Flowing Rivers in Midwest!!

When the glaciers melted almost thousands of years ago, they created rivers! The rivers that were created carried soil from the north and brought it toward the south.The soil was fertile, or filled with lots of vitamins and minerals that lots of plants need to grow.Many of the states in the Midwest, such as Iowa and Ohio have lot and lots of fertile soil. The fertile soil lets farmers produce lots of crops that are very healthy for us to eat the animals eat the food to.
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More facts

The Land forms of the amazing Midwest

The Midwest is mostly flat land there are very few mountains.Glaciers didn't flatten all of the hills and mountains in the Midwest.There are hills in parts of Ohio,Michigan, and even Illinois.The farther you move away from the Great Lakes, the higher the land gets. Harney Peak, in the black hills mountains of south Dakota, is 7,242 feet above feet level.

Underneath the Black Hills is Wind cave.Wind cave has more than 100 miles of winding passages.

The Climate of the Midwest.

Tempseratures in the Midwest can be very wildly. The areas around the Great Lakes may also experience what is called the lake effect. When the winds blow across the lakes they carry this hot and cold air over the land, effecting the temperature.Lots of storms occur in the Midwest to.In the winter heavy snowstorms whip across the plains.In summer strong winds can form dangerous tornadoes!!

The economy of the Midwest.

The region's water resources include the Great lakes and rivers such as he Ohio,Mississippi, and Missouri. These waterways are used to ship goods across the country .The rich soil of the Midwest provides ideal conditions for farming.When or if you go under ground or in mountains or hills you will find some metals.The metals are a valuable resource.
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