Woodland Men

April 2015

The Book of James

For the next eight weeks we will be studying the Book of James.

In his short and powerful book, the apostle James fives us practical guidance on issues that measure true and living faith. through an emphasis on spiritual fruitfulness, James calls all believers-then and mow-to live a life that demonstrates genuine, saving faith marked by Godly behavior.

Woodland Men service event

Six of our men will be serving dinner at the Salvation Army Manatee building on May 9th.

Thanks to the following men for volunteering their time to serve a great organization.

Rick Salyer

Kennth Ranstrom

Clarence McBride

Michael Webb

Roger Garnes

James Fazio

Also a thank you to Chris Angelidis for facilitating this serving opportunity.

For those that did not get an opportunity to serve because of prior obligations, we will schedule another serving event at the Salvation Army in July.