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January 11, 2016

Greetings to the Britt Elementary School Community!

The second semester is off to a fabulous beginning at Britt Elementary School! First off, three new employees will begin work at Britt on Monday. Yami Villanueva will join the Britt fifth grade team. Caitlin Tiencken will join the second grade team. Sarah McNab will join the Britt staff as stellar subsitute. Thank you for making each of these ladies feel welcomed and supported as we work together to transform and personalize learning. Yami is a recent graduate of Georgia Gwinnett College, and Yami completed her student teaching in a fifth grade GCPS classroom. Caitlin is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, and Caitlin completed her student teaching at Winterville Elementary School. Caitlin has also taught English in Honduras, and she substituted at Britt in Ms. Gourdine's second grade classroom prior to winter break. Sarah is a certified teacher and a graduate of both Tulane University and Georgia State University. Sarah has previously taught in Gwinnett County Public Schools as well as in two schools in a neighboring school district. In addition, please join me in thanking Minica Brown for her fine work as a substitute custodian in Dragica's absence.

The Britt 2016 Spelling Bee held on Friday was viewed by the Britt school community in a new way. Britt Comets viewed the Spelling Bee from their classrooms as it was broadcast live using the new Britt IPTV. Sandy Grizzard did a fabulous job facilitating the 2016 Spelling Bee at Britt. Kimberly Singleton and Cheldon Montgomery made the entire process possible with their fine technical support. Kay Brickley did an excellent job as she pronounced each word clearly and precisely. Shannon Davis, Monica Mance, and Lisa Brown judged the spelling bee with precision. The Britt custodial team set up the testing room to make the spelling bee a wonderful experience. Classroom teachers held spelling bees in their classrooms to select participants. Thank you to the entire Britt Team who worked together to make the 2016 Spelling Bee a success!

This week, two new classrooms will open in the third trailer at Britt. These classrooms will serve as alternate settings for EIP pull-out classes as needed. Thank you to Dianne Compton, Deborah Stringfellow, Norman Brown, and the many GCPS support workers who worked effectively and quickly to surplus furniture and to clean the rooms so new classrooms can be opened quickly. What team work! Thank you so much!

Last week, Britt hosted a new articulation meeting in the Britt Parent Center. Dr. Luann Hammami and Melissa Madsen organized and hosted this first time event to further transform and personalize learning. The following is a summary from Melissa Madsen: "On Friday, Dr. Hammami, Ms. McCormick, and I met with a focus group of preK directors and consultants. Our goal was to find out how we can support them in the transition process. The directors had many insights about how both public and private preK function and were very interested in what we expect students to be able to do when they start school. . We plan to continue this partnership in the future to support their needs in helping our newest learners be Kindergarten ready." Thank you, Melissa, Luann, and Robin!

Let me know how I can best support your good work at Britt Elementary School as we all strive together using effective, innovative practices to transform and personalize teaching and learning.

With warmest regards,


Britt Elementary is off to a fantastic beginning in 2016!

Thank you!

  • A HUGE thank you to Dee Baum Colleen Brown, and the entire Britt Cafeteria Team, for their fine work to monitor and maintain the Britt cafeteria- even monitoring during winter break!
  • Just a reminder to be collaborating with your grade level, and other grade levels, to establish effective and manageable expectations for student behavior while in the cafeteria. I look forward to hearing from your leadership team representative. Thank you so much for your careful and thoughtful input into this important matter.
  • Thank you to Deborah Stringfellow, Melissa Madsen, and Sandy Grizzard for planning and facilitating classroom transitions for the two new classrooms. These fine administrators refined a transition plan, called each parent, and prepared rooms-working tirelessly and diligently- to make the transition smooth and seamless to promote higher degree of personalized learning at Britt Elementary School.
  • Congratulations to the 2016 Spelling Bee winner, Thyjawn Bingham, from Midge Miller's classroom! Congratulations to Aaliyah Upshaw, spelling bee runner-up, from Gentry David's classroom! We wish Thyjawn the very best as he represents Britt on January 30 at the district spelling bee.
  • Thank you, Kay Brickley, for being the first to send me an email of your RBES mid-year data update! Please email your administrator as soon as your update is complete.