A Amazing Youtuber:Maybaby

Makes a video each week


Maybaby's real name is Megan Deangelis or Meg as her nickname. She has a awesome personality,she is super funny, beautiful and very generous. Megan gives up so much time and effort just to make the best. Meg makes makeup, morning routines, night routines, little skits videos and so much more! And you should subscribe to her if you haven't already.She also has 1 million subscribers, just saying.
A Day In My Life | MayBaby ☼

Day In The Life Of Maybaby

Right above there is a video called Day In The Life where she takes us along into a one of the days in her life and shows what she does [some of it though]. But this is only 1 of her videos there is just so much more videos that Megan does.

Youtube user name:Maybaby

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