145th Street: Short Stories

By: Walter Dean Myers


4 Stars


" I heard about Big Joe's funeral", "You better get your hands off me!" "One of the cops came over to us"

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I recommend this book to young teenagers that like drama.


The book is a collection 5 different short stories. The book explains the hardships of life in Harlem. The first story,"Big Joe's Funeral" tells about a guy in Harlem who is having a funeral while he is still alive. The second story,"The Baddest Dog in Harlem" is right after the funeral of Big Joe. The third story,"Fighter" is about the fighter and opponent. The fourth story,"Angela's Eyes" tells about Angela's dream about her dad and Poli. The fifth story "The Streak" is about the narrator Jamie.He is constantly teased because he lost the game against the school rival.