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Latvia is a very interesting country. It is located on the eastern shores the Baltic sea. It is not a very big country only about the size of West Virginia. But if you go their the landscape speaks for itself. There is a wide variety of hills, rivers, plains, cliffs, and a lot of farm land. With rich soil and a long growing season Latvia is ideal place for growing crops.
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The two main religions in Latvia are Lutheran and Catholic. Also the food is a big part of their religion such as klingeris. Klingeris is a yeast dough with a figure eight and flowers decorated on it with dried fruit. Klingeris are usually used in Birthdays by it can also be just a tasty treat. Other culture include dance, celebrations, and even brewing, but cooking is the main culture.


The capital city of Latvia is Riga. You will find many astonishing sites like The Riga Town Hall.It is the central building for the Blackheads. The Riga Town Hall dates back to 1344. But it was destroyed in 1941 by the Soviets and was rebuilt in 2000.You can find many other sites in Latvia like the Riga Castle a historical castle in the middle of Riga. You can also find Freedom monument in Riga honoring all the people who died fighting for Latvia's freedom.


Latvia has an open economy and is part of the European Union. Latvia is part of a very high human development countries.Do to its geography its trade is high along with paper and wood production along with agriculture, food products, and manufacturing.

Current Events

November 21, 2013 a maxim super market roof collapsed and took 54 lives. This lead to the long standing Valdis Dombrovskis government to collapse. Latvia is still recovering today, but the are now becoming a democracy.
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Latvia has a parliamentary democracy. They have an absolute monarchy where there is one in control, but the people still vote. Since 2000 the cabinet meetings have been open to public. The absolute monarchy of Latvia is Andirs Berzins.