Kindergarten Newsletter ACES

Week Of January 14th

Highlights from last week....

This week our class read stories about plants need to grow.

We learned the new vocabulary words: plant, require, harmful, soak, and crowd.

We learned the new sight word "my" and the letter Hh.

In Math, we finished our unit on measurement and began our unit on comparing numbers using the words bigger than, shorter than, longer than, greater than and fewer than.

A peek at our learning this week....

This week our class will be reading stories about how living things, such as trees, change as they grow. Your child will learn to name the parts of a tree, such as the trunk, bark, branches, leaves, and roots.

Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we will be practicing.

Word Workout

  • Vocabulary: develop, amazing Draw a picture of a tree. Encourage your child to tell facts about trees. Write the facts on the picture of the tree.
  • My Words to Know

High-Frequency Word: are Write the word are on paper. Then have your child practice writing the word are. Have your child think of a sentence using the word are. Write it down and ask your child to circle the word.

Category Words: tree parts Have your child draw a picture of a tree. Help your child label the tree parts, such as trunk, bark, branch, leaves, and roots.

Phonics: e Have your child think of words that include the letter e, such as egg. Draw pictures of these words, then label each picture, having your child underline the letter e in each word.

In Math, we will be working on numbers using one more and one less.

In Social Studies, we will learn about Martin Luther King Jr.

More information

Remember to put names on all of your child's things!! We have a large collection in the classrooms and in lost and found.


Please practice letters, sounds and sight words with your child nightly! Thank you!

Thank you!!

Notes from Ms. Berube

We are becoming excellent readers and should be very proud! This is also traslating into our writing which has been greatly improving! I am also so proud with how we are doing with our sight words.

We are begining out letter /e/ this week and vowels can definitely be tricky! Make sure you continue to practice /e/ /i/ and /o/ at home!

We also welcomed a new student to our classroom this week. I love seeing how kind and welcoming all of the children are towards new students.

Thank you to families who brought in supplies, I truly appreciate your generosity. Thank you for all you do !!

Have a great week!


Notes from Mrs. Maillet

We had a wonderful week! Lots of learning is happening in Mrs. Maillet's class! We are mastering our letters and becoming great spellers! We are still struggling with our vowel sounds, so please work with your child at home with these! We are rocking our sight words as well! We are putting it all together in our reading and writing! This is such an exciting time in kindergarten! I hope you are seeing this progress at home!

Please continue to practice the sight words that we sent home with your child and also read with your child every night. This will help build their fluency and vocabulary!

Book orders are due January 15th.

Notes from Mrs. Webb

Hello! I would like to thank the many families for the donations of classroom supplies! They are really appreciated! We have done a pretty good job keeping the colds and flu out of our room. If you could send in Antibacterial Wipes and Soap that would be great! Thank you again for the generous donations.

We will continue to review our letter names and sounds as we learn about the short vowel /e/ sound this week. I feel that this is the hardest sound for students to hear. We will be listening for this sound at the beginning and middle of words. We have been working hard on blending sounds to read and write words. This short /e/ sound is needed to blend some of those words.

The children are doing a nice job noticing sight words in their environment. They are so excited about their learning. AND SO ARE MRS. VITELLO AND ME!

I think we are going to get some snow soon. Remember, in order for your child to play outside in the snow he/she must have snow pants, boots, hat, mittens, and a jacket. I also suggest sending in extra socks to leave in the backpack. Little feet get wet! If you are in need of any of the outer wear please let me know. We have many resources to help.

Scholastic Book Orders are due on Friday.

I hope you have a great week!

Mrs. Webb

Notes from Mrs. Marcoux

I am so excited with the progress the children have been making in all areas. Have they begun to read at home? We are practicing every day and I love to see how excited they get when they realize they just read a book.

I will be sending home this week's new word (are), please keep practicing the words at home, it really makes a big difference.

I will be placing the book orders on the 25th, if you are interested in ordering any books, please do so by that date.

Enjoy your week!

Notes from Mrs. Goldthwaite

We are having a great time with our fourth grade friends! They come every Thursday and we have been working on our measurement unit. This week we had fun rolling a die and saying who had more or fewer counters. The fourth grade students are great helpers!

Our book orders are due on Friday!

This week we will continue to say letter sounds and blend them together to make words. We will practice reading with intonation. Our small groups will work on identifying pronouns in sentences.

If you have any box tops please send them in.

Our wish list for this week is Clorox wipes! Trying to keep the germs out!

Thanks for your continued support!