If I Ruled the Planet

By: Kaylee Winningham

If I ruled the planet

If I ruled the planet, there would be ice cream for all kids each night. Not too much, but just enough, every once in a while all the kids could have a bit more. If I ruled the planet, I would make sure everyone had a roof over their head. All the people of the world would have a good house and good job. If I ruled the world, I would visit every single school in the whole wide world to make sure nobody is being bullied. If I ruled the world, I would, last but not least, make every school have 30 minute recesses and a free snack every lunch! I think if I ruled the world, everything would be a little bit better step by step, and a lot more fun for everyone. If I ruled the world, I would make sure every change that was needed would be changed. I'll get there one day, even if I don't end up ruling the world. I will make my bus, my school, my home, or anything else better in some way.


I am a noticer, a big noticer. I notice things that need to be changed and try to find a way to fix it or make it better. That's why I wrote this story.