destination outer space

health risks

An important safety concern for long term space travel is the health effects from space radiation. Possible health risks include cancer, cataracts, acute radiation sickness, hereditary effects and damage to the central nervous system.
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types of food

Early Project Mercury food tube and dry bite-sized snacks with gelatin coating

The food that NASA's early astronauts had to eat in space is a testament to their fortitude. John Glenn, America's first man to eat anything in the near-weightless environment of Earth orbit, found the task of eating fairly easy, but found the menu to be limited
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how much does it cost to go to space

20-40 million dollars
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packing list for survival

You must take everything you need to survive into outer space with you. Let's call these items “inputs." Inputs might include necessities such as food, water and oxygen.

daily activities include

it's just cold, dark nothing" (except when it's scorching bright

they dont do anything because they cant see its all dark

view from space

its beatiful mostly in sunrise
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