in the fall

Ideas from you for next year

virtues- fair, accepting, loyal, caring, honest, nice (kind). safety/self-control, ownership, achievement, respect.

Parents need some help in allowing their children to have a voice and problem solve with school staff. communication skills, seeking help, teaching students how to problem-solve on their own,

WITS support

bullying - what it is and what it isn't.

specific requested parenting resources, particularly how to deal with children that are wilful and defiant.

transitions - Kinder to gr 1, or gr. 7 to gr 8 or moving schools.

Teenage Brain. brain development and behaviour

Dalai Lama Centre website

technology is a key concern (cyber bullying, social media worries, etc).

Three key areas for additional support include: SEL for incoming students and their families. In recent years the new Ks are the most challenging students. Simple things like sleep, eating and participation in teams or clubs are being bobbled at home. Routine and consistency help children be ready for a day of learning and growing. Let them be little. Adults need to filter mature content from children. Technology. Tech is creeping into our lives to the point of invasiveness. Smart phones need to be put down and healthy social interaction encouraged and modeled. the importance of monitoring the amount of screen time our kids get?

family rules about screen time.... I would love to have some solid research.....some facts about what the screen time does to kids' brains. Maybe a one page fact sheet?

City opportunities, grants, camps, groups, etc outside school.

Tips on poverty , budgeting, and healthy snacks, meals, etc. support for parents.

What an IEP is

What school support services are

How to address a concern, who and how to talk to

loss/grief/separation due to divorce, break ups, death

If you can it would be nice to have a search function, so if I needed info on aniexty I could enter that. 2. If that is not possible, then a short description of the themes that are covered each month on the we@sel homepage.