Dragon Fruit

By: Zac M.

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What is it?

The Dragon fruit, also known as; Stawberry Pear, Pitya, or Pitihaya is a fruit with intresting qualities. The outer covering or "rind" is much like a pine apple, the actual plant is a cactus. The fruit is known for its viberant colors and unique texture and flavor. It is an additive in many fruity drinks. It comes in a large variety of colors and flavors, most commonly consumed in south america Argentina and peru.

Where its Grown

The top producing state for the Dragon Fruit is Texas, but it is most commonly grown in Mexico and the areas of high precipitation in Argentina
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Crop Production

The Dragon fruit is actually a cactus fruit, the cactus requires high precipitation and must be elevated on poles or lines much like some beans and vines. It Grows in the wild as well and can be found in jungles of south america.

The planting of dragon fruit is much like that of pineapple as well, the roots can be cut and planted to make new plants.

The plant has long leaves and many of them, these must be tied up so as to avoid ground pests and crowding, some common methods of suspending the plant is to hang its leaves on a clothes line like wire, this holds the plant up and makes picking easier. Because of the strange nature of the plant, it can be made as a display by carefully trimming and wiring it up much like a bonsai tree or hedge!

Harvesting must be done by hand as the leaves off branches grow crazily.

Plant Pests

mealybugs or disk shaped bugs that pierce the plants fruit and suck the moisture out, they can be treated with insecticides and by other beneficial bugs like the lady bug.
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Health Facts

The dragon fruit contains lycopene, a natural anti-oxidant that fights cancer, heart illness and lower blood pressure.

Fun Facts

  • The Dragon fruit is becoming more popular and can be found at yer local hyvee!
  • 25 Variety's
  • 70 being cloned and experimented on
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Legend of the Dragon Fruit

It is fabled by many Asian's to come from a dragons mouth after they are slain, that the plants are gathered after a knight slayed a dragon he kept the plant as a prize.
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Dragon Fruit Products


The Snapple company now incorporates dragon fruit in many of their drinks!
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And THAT is What a Dragon Fruit IS!

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Facts to Remember

1.Dragon Fruit is an experimental Crop

2.Dragon fruit is a cactus fruit that is perennial