How To Survive in The Wild

After every topic, there will be a video showing you more possible ways to do each, or just reinforcing what has been said already.

How to Create a Fire in The Wild

Rubbing Two Sticks Together

For this this, you will need a small stick, and a bigger stick.

All you need to do with this is simply rub them together. You need to take the smaller stick and rub it against the other with a lot of force. It is very important to keep going and try not to stop, and if you do stop, don't let it be for very long. Also you want to have a bundle of tinder so that once you have an ember or ash, you can place it in there.
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Hand Drill

For this technique you will need a long, piece of pointy wood, a decent amount of tinder and another flat piece of wood. What you are going to want to do is take the sharp pointy piece of wood and place on the flat piece of wood. Then you are going to want to move your hands in a downward motion with a lot of force. This will create friction which should hopefully create an ember. The only disadvantage with this method is that it is very energy consuming and it could take a very long time just to get one spark. But if you still have the energy and the strength to do this, it is a very effective method.
Simple Survival Fire Starter - Cheap And Easy Fire Starting Methods

How to Build A Basic Fire

To build a fire you are going to want to find a bunch of dry wood. Remember, this is not how to start a fire, just how to build one. Get as much wood as you can and get it as high as you can because the fire is going to rise, not fall. So basically that is how you build the basic fire.
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How to Build a Tepee Fire

For this, you are going to want a big pile of tinder in the middle so that you can start a small fire there first. Then, after you have the fire in the tinder you are going to start to place pieces of wood upward in a triangle like pattern surrounding the tinder. And then, since heat rises, it will either light the fire on top, or keep the heat in.
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How To Build A Fire - Basic Outdoor Skills 1

How To Build Shelter On A Tropical Island

Lean-To Shelter

For this way of building a shelter, you are going to need to find a tree, a large branch and several smaller branches but still a decent size. you are going to want to lean the big branch against the tree and make sure it is sturdy. Then, you will lean the smaller branches, (also making them sturdy so they don't fall on you) against the bigger branch. And finally you are going to have to cover the entire structure with sticks covering any openings and then foliage and thick leaves so that hardly any, or no water will seep through. In the end it should look something like this.

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Tepee Shelter

To build the tepee fire, you are going to want to take many decent sized sticks. First you are going to have to make a tripod with three of the sticks in a pyramid, triangle shape. Then you are going to want to carefully add more sticks, keeping them in the same triangle formation. Make sure you leave a hole in the tepee so that you have a place to enter. Finally you want to cover the structure with a lot of leaves and foliage, again so that no water seeps in.

Beach Shade Shelter

This Shelter Would Be Used When You are Near The Ocean

First, you should build a trench that is wide and long enough for your body to lay in and be comfortable. Also, you will want to make the trench run north to south so that you get less sunlight throughout the day. Also, you will want to get a lot of dry wood if possible. You should lay the wood around the frame of the trench and keep adding branches so that it covers the whole trench. Then you want to make some what of a stairway down into the trench by slowly adding sand and mud. Then once it reaches the bottom, you have your shelter. If you want to, you can make yourself a little bed down there with leaves and make it so that it is comfortable.

It should look just like this except without the man made materials of course.

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Another Tip For Shelters

What you should be worried about if you ever do get stuck in a situation like this is that you don't want to freak out. That is the worst thing that you can do and could lead to some very bad things in the future. So what you really want to focus on would be to say calm and make the shelter you build a very cozy, comfortable place.

How to Find and Make Clean Water on A Tropical Island

Rain Water

Rain water is the easiest way to get water that is clean. All you need to do it get a way to catch it of some sort. If it is a bucket, a cup or a pot, any way to get this water will be very helpful. If you don't think that it is 100% clean than you can boil it if you want.
Fire is very important to have when you are looking for water. Having the fire will allow you to boil the water and get rid of all the bacteria.

Solar Water Still

For this you are going to need several somewhat heavy rocks, or a lot of dirt, a big sheet of some sort, any thing plastic would be the best. A pot and some wet leaves

So what you do is you first have to dig a decent sized hole, about 4 feet deep and pretty wide. In the center of that hole, you will want to put your empty pot. Surrounding the pot should be the wet leave and a lot of them. After that, you should put the sheet above the hole covering every opening and lay the rocks/dirt around it, (as seen above). Put one rock/pile of dirt into the center of the sheet and you are good to go. what will happen is the water on the leaves will evaporate and because of the angle of the sheet will come into the middle and eventually drop into the pot. You want to make sure that when you are digging your hole you put it where there is a lot of sunlight.
How to find water on a deserted island

Dangerous Animals


Scorpions are some of the deadliest animals in the world and definitely not an animal you want to go anywhere near. You can find scorpions from anywhere from deserts to tropical rainforests. These tiny little 2.5 centimeter critters ma not seem like a big deal but can be super lethal. If you invade or interfere with them and they sting you, you are done. To avoid scorpions attacking you, you should watch out for any place they could hide like under rocks, near trees, anything like that. Also they are mainly nocturnal so just keep an eye out when you go to bed. Some scorpions are not that deadly though, they can only whip you with their stinger. So if you do happen to find one of these, hope it is one of those.


Although this bug is not always super dangerous, if bitten can still deal a lot of pain and injury. Just because some spiders can't do much, doesn't mean others can't. Some spiders venom is so deadly that it could kill you instantly. Like the scorpion they are mostly nocturnal so again keep a look at night. So spiders are massive and get to almost the size of a dinner plate, one spider can even eat a whole bird. So even though spiders aren't always deadly, they are for sure something to watch out for because they can easily change someone's life in a bad way.

Bees wasps and Hornets

Bees wasps and hornets are something that most every person has to deal with on any natural summer day. But if you are on the wild, it is taken to a whole different level. They can become some of the deadliest things in the world. If you mess with their hive they will attack and not stop until you are pretty much dead or harshly wounded. In the survival situation that they are in, they are trying to survive like you also so they are going to do whatever they can to help with that.

Also you want to watch out for pretty much any large animal unless you know you can kill it

Here's a video that was pretty cool and if you encounter one of these animals you are in trouble and just try to save yourself

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals on the Planet

Rescue Techniques


The easiest way to get someone attention if anyone is going by is to create smoke. It is very easy to do if you have a fire and it good to use when you are planning to be gone for the day on a hunting or something like that. Basically all you need to do is have your fire going and then just put some wet leaves or anything wet on it. The will evaporate the water and create smoke. So if there is anyone nearby, they will be able to see something is in trouble fairly easily.


There are several different signals that you could give to potential air force above or anybody that passes over head. The best signal to use is the big triangle. A big triangle is the sign of distress. What you want to do is make a triangle with a stick of some sort much bigger than you think you really need. Then at the three angles/corners, put big piles or rocks so it s more noticeable.
Really any signal showing that you need help just this one is the most common.
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How to Get Rescued from a Deserted Island

First Aid

Using materials you have

If any physical injuries happen to you like a rash, a broken bone in your body, you already have the resources you need to help with that. For the rash you could you a wet leaf of some sort and for a broken bone you can easily make a splint just by using the branches in the forest. For basic things there is not much you need, so it is pretty easy to deal with.

Real Medication

One of the best things that you can bring is actually a tube of superglue. For every vacation you should bring one, it takes up no space and it is very helpful. If you get wounded, this will actually heal it. It will seal the wound and will stop it form bleeding. Although it may sting a little bit, it is better that bleeding out.

Any Antibiotic

Even though this is very hard to obtain it is a perfect solution to many things. If you happen to get infected from a wound, this is pretty much the only thing that will stop it form getting worse. Any sickness basically can be healed by antibiotics. Even if you do get rescued and the doctors may need the antibiotics later in life, it is more important now.


This is actually a very helpful to have if you are going away anywhere because it relieves pain somewhat easily. For example if you have hurt you leg somehow when your plane or you boat has crashed, this will relieve the pain for awhile and will allow you to focus on the things that you need to do most in this situation.

Lord Of The Flies Connection

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The made some good and bad moves

I think that they can get cut some slack because they are very young and they don't know any better though.


They very very stable in the beginning and had great teamwork to keep each other going.


They killed two or their tribe members and there was a huge fight all the time so they lost it very quickly.

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