Final Project Poster

By Ryan Working

Internet Privacy

Advantages of sharing online:

  • your able to stay in contact with family and friends
  • you can meet new people online that have the same interests

  • once you put something online it stays there forever
  • people could steal your photos and impersonate you.

when you say things online about someone you could be harming not only your reputation but the person your posting about as well. people that work with you could think less of you.
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Cyberbullying is using the internet to talk negatively about others such as commenting on someones photo and speaking negatively about them Cyberbullying escalates if the person is jealous or possibly being bullied themselves and they are doing it to someone else to make them feel better. things to help against Cyberbullying is you could block them so they cant see your posts and wont be able to harass you anymore.

Body Image And The Media

I think it's wrong to give people the illusion that you could look like the person in the photo if you use that product

it's ok if a girl cries in public but if a guy does it they look weak. guys are always supposed to have a lock on there emotions and be strong .

Violence in the Media

1.It can confuse a child because the think when they get like in a Video Game you can just respawn.

2.I don't think violent games or movies teach kids to commit violent crimes but I think people with mental problems it does.

Media Usage

1. I think the hardest thing to give up for a week would be Twitter because im always on there checking news from around the NHL. it would show just how much i use my phone im usually always on it when im not doing anything.

2.I think it's a common thing for teens to at least have one social media account whether it be Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and you have to kind of have to show yourself off.

persuasive advertizing

1.both of these pictures show what can happen to a person if you drink and drive and get in a car accident. of these pictures shows a survivor of a accident she had severe burns to her body the other shows a little girl that looks like a crash dummy.

3.they are showing you what can happen when you drink and drive and what damage you can cause when you get in a car accident.

4.they are talking to adults and teens.

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Bullying - You Can Stop It