The Bear Necessities

November 17, 2017


Back many years ago, I left LSR7 Early Education and went to teach first grade with my sister at Peculiar Elementary. I learned two things while away for a year...I learned how very blessed we are to have the services we do for our families. Only one family in my first grade classroom had been in Parents as Teachers, only two students had a PreK experience. This was in a school with almost 50% free and reduced students enrolled.

Second, I learned that what I thought to be true about this staff actually is. My time in LSR7 prior to leaving gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people, my life improved greatly while surrounded by this staff. Your conversations about life helped make me the mom, daughter, wife, sister, grand-daughter that I am today.

This school family absolutely makes me teary eyed when I take a moment to think about how blessed I am in this life of mine.

I hope you find yourself feeling blessed by your family and some time away. I also hope you will take a moment to think about these amazing people you spend much of your day with, and I hope you take a moment to write them a note, give them a hug or simply tell them thank you!!

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Time sheets, 2 things

2 quick things:

1. Check them weekly

2. Please stay within your assigned number of hours unless you have permission to go beyond your work hours. I have many folks working beyond their weekly hours and it is doing a number on our budget! Your time sheet will have a warning at the bottom if you have went over hours. This is your red flag to be more cautious about timing in and out on time.


Board Meeting

I am finishing this up from the Board Meeting listening to Dr Carpenters 100 day plan. I will have the published document for you to view in my office. One of Janet's kids took Dr Carpenter for a ride on a bike while he was at our school. This video was shown tonight at the meeting as well as at the District administrators meeting. He spoke about the fact that a preschool student wanted to give him a ride on the trike, he said no, as he did not think the student could pull him. The student would not take NO for an answer, and he hopped on the trike. The video shows Dr Carpenter having a successful ride on the back of a trike. He spoke about how we sometimes limit kids, we don't challenge them. It was a good tie in and everyone loved the video (Susan, you are up for supporting actress in the video)!!

The 100 day findings are spot on!!!!

Key Points:

Fun, we need more of it

We need to help kids be thinkers, not kids who know how to "Do" school

Project based work is key

Student interests should lead the learning

Focus should be on success of students

Mental Health has to be a focus

OK, so these are kinda things we know and do daily.....I feel pretty good....

other topics:

Our subgroups should not be behind on state testing (not new news)

Our staff should reflect our student body (we've been discussing this for years)


Monday - Both here

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