Week of October 11, 2021

Mrs. K's Counseling Corner

  • Our "Essential 36" manner of the week: "Disagree appropriately and politely.”

  • Mrs. Tabor's 4th grade class will be assisting with our morning announcements. This is a great way for our students to practice leadership skills and become confident communicators!

  • In Mrs. K.'s Peace classes, students are learning the differences between "mean moments", "conflict", and "bullying." Click HERE for an overview of how bullying is defined, the roles involved, and helpful tips to address bullying behavior. We are taking a proactive approach at Brock Elementary by teaching kindness and acceptance of others. We are also learning how mean acts negatively affect others and how to productively work through conflict.

Upcoming school events:

National Red Ribbon Week: Red Ribbon Week was developed in 1988 to promote an awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Themed dress-up days are:

  • Mon., October, 25th- "Dreams Not Drugs" (wear your pj's to school to show that you have big dreams without drugs)

  • Tues., October 26th- "Be a Hero, Be Drug Free" (wear camo or red, white and blue)

  • Wed., October 27th- "My Future is Bright Without Drugs" (wear neon or bright colors and sunglasses)

  • Thurs., October 28th- "It's Super to be Drug Free" (wear a superhero cape or superhero shirt)

  • Fri., October 29th- "Say Boo to Drugs" (wear your Halloween costume) No costume masks or weapons!

Fun Fact! Your child qualifies for a FREE library card at the Burleson Public Library! The library has a ton of activities for families with kids of all ages: Story Time, Young Builders, Kindness Club, Play and Learn Workshop, upcoming "trick or treat" fun and a family turkey scavenger hunt, just to name a few! WOW!!!

Click HERE for the list of Burleson Children's Services.

Library cards are issued at no charge if:

  • you live within the city limits of Burleson

  • you own property within the city limits of Burleson

  • you are a student, teacher or staff member of a K-12 school within the city limits of Burleson

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, October 13th- Mainstay Field Trip

  • Thursday, October 14th- 3-week progress reports

  • Friday, October 15th- K/1st Grading Period Ends

  • Wednesday, October 20th- Big Kahuna Delivery

  • Thursday, October 21st- Kinder/1st Report Cards

  • Friday, October 22nd- Big Kahuna Party Bus

  • Monday, October 25th- Friday, October 29th- Red Ribbon Week, Fall Book Fair, and Grandparents Week *Details were sent home Please RSVP

  • Tuesday, October 26th- Pre K Mainistay Field Trip

  • Friday, October 29th- End of 2nd six weeks