Overcome the Underdog

Be brave, Be bold, Be you

Different Journeys

Fame is something everyone desires. However finding it can be difficult. A good example of this would be J.K Rowling. A successful career of writing came very hard to her. Rowling started her outstanding Harry Potter series in a coffee shop. At the time J.K Rowling was a single, unemployed mother who, although it didn't seem like it, had a wild imagination. She started writing Harry Potter on a napkin and after getting rejected by 13 publishing houses, she finally got a contract and began her writing career.

On the other hand, many find fame as easy as pie. Miley Cyrus for example completely relied on her, already famous father Billy Ray Cyrus to make her well-known. Miley Cyrus didn't work half as hard as J.K Rowling, she never got rejected, wasn't in a terrible state when she started out and most of all, was guaranteed a career. Unlike Rowling who worked her heart and should out until she got her dream.

J.K Rowling and Miley Cyrus are alike in a way that they are both very famous, very rich, and achieved their goal. Yet Miley Cyrus didn't have to go through what Rowling did. Another difference is their family. Miley's family was very famous and rich, this differs from Rowling's family as she never really had anyone to support her after she got a divorce.

J.K Rowling showed many qualities as an underdog. Not only was she rejected but no one was interested in Harry Potter when it came out. Rowling showed great determination and spectacular perseverance through her journey, and it really payed off as she is know one of the most well known authors in the world.

Taken from "J.K Rowling biography.com"

How to Overcome Your Greatest Fear

Being an underdog feels like the last one to get picket for a team in gym class. Or not being able to afford something that everyone else can. Basically being an underdog isn't fun and there's not much we can do, unless we learn to overcome.

Usually an underdog feels excluded, not enough, or most of all: shy. Many people have discovered though that we can't live like this our whole life. Many people including Brad Pitt, Carrie Underwood and David Bowie have overcome shyness. So why can't you?

Overcoming your biggest fear isn't easy so here are some steps that may help you come out of your shell:

Firstly-Not everything you say will make sense, so you need to accept it. Everyone makes mistakes.

Secondly-Understand what "no" really means. When someone stays to stop, understand and follow through. Don't go too overboard.

Next-Use eyes, they are the key to a good conversation. Lock eyes and your discussion will go smoothly.

Then-You won't even have a conversation without an interesting topic, so make one. Don't spend too much time stressing over it though.

Lastly-Admit you are shy, because it's okay

Overcoming shyness isn't easy, and even if you do you may always be known as an underdog. However, perseverance and true belief will help you get there. In the end, you will reach your dream.

The brain image shows the part of the brain that controls emotions and shyness-The Limbic System.

Taken from "cnn.com"

Overcome Bullying

Everyone has had a bully that made us feel alone, not enough or underdog like. The problem is everywhere, including celebrities. Although it may not seem like it, these glorious starts weren't always living such a luxurious life.

Winona Ryder, now a popular actress dealt with both verbal and physical abuse. Winona was bullied for so many things and because she was so used to the taunting she had a solution to the problem. One of Winona's solutions was to pretend she was in a gangster movie because of all the cuts and bruises. Another solution was when she and her family moved schools all together. Most people shouldn't have to go through these extremes. Another solution was to ignore it. Usually, especially for Winona, it makes the issue go away.

Winona Ryder and many others have dealt with bullying. Bullying often makes us feel like an underdog. However there are many ways to escape this feeling. Nobody should ever have to go through this, so let's help.

Taken from "DailyMail.co.uk"

Try Something new

Heath Calhoun, former staff sergeant in the army in Iraq, is now a well-known paralympian. Heath's main interest in alpine skiing, also known as downhill skiing. However, before his injury he had only skied a few times before.

Heath would have never made reached this amazing dream without going through his unforgettable army adventure. Heath Calhoun lost both his legs when a rocket-propelled grenade attacked his base in Iraq. This lead to an above-the-knee amputee on both legs. It sounds horrible but this excruciating time was the reason for him to explore a variety of new sports. Heath experimented with cycling and snowboarding. Eventually though, Heath discovered and started to focus on alpine mono-ski racing. His love for the sport impacted his confidence. His courage is the reason for his George C Lang award and silver medal in Sochi 2014.

Heath could have been considered an underdog because of his prosthetic legs but instead he showed great perseverance and didn't let his adversity slow him down. Heath is a hero to many skiers, olympians and veterans.

Taken from "pbs.org"

Underdog (noun)



A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest

A person who has little status in society

The feeling of being an underdog is one of the worst feelings in the world. We mostly feel like underdogs when we compare ourselves to people that have more resources or talent. However, underdogs are strong people. They overcome obstacles and never give up. In a way they're kind of an "overdog." However, their story of becoming a hero is an extremely sad one. Every movie has a champion and every movie has an underdog. We're always so happy when the underdog comes out on top. But that's in movies, and this is real life.

One thing that brings an underdog down is actually thinking of yourself as an underdog. For example in the book Paper Towns by John Green, the main character Quentin always saw himself as an underdog because he couldn't get the girl he liked to notice him. Quentin hated himself for this, which didn't help his confidence.

Be brave, be bold and be you because that's the easiest thing in the world. Overcome your challenges, conquer your greatest fear, stand up to the bully and try something new. No one deserves to know the feeling of being an underdog.

Taken from "natalielussier.com"

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