Wind Turbines


What is a Wind Turbine?

Wind power is a form of solar power because wind is caused by the heat of the sun. A wind turbine captures wind and makes it into electricity. It goes through a long process.

How Wind Is Turned Into Electricity!!!!!

Firstly, wind passes through the blades creating force which makes the rotor turn. Then, the blades spin at a very low speed. The low speed shaft are connected to the high speed shaft which is connected to a generator. As the speed shaft spins rapidly it causes the generator to start producing electricity. Electricity from the generator transforms to the right voltage for the electricity grid.

Advantages of wind power!!!


  • People are using coal faster than the earth is producing it. If you use wind power you will save the earth as well as recieving electricity to our homes.
  • Wind is free and we have the right technology to capture it efficiently.
  • Once the wind turbine has made electric energy, it does not make pollution to nature. (eco-friendly)
  • Even though the wind turbines are very tall it takes a small amount of land.
  • Some places that are not connected to the power grid can make their own supplies.

Disadvantages of wind power!!!

  • The strength of the wind is never the same. This causes different amount of electricity to occur. Sometimes there is no electricity at all.
  • Some people disagree in locating the wind turbines in the landscape. They prefer it to be natural and untouched.
  • Wind turbines are very noisy.
  • Many people think that wind turbines are unpleasant to look at.

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