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Language Arts ~Every Child, Every Day!

Language Arts


The purpose of language arts in Leander ISD is to develop lifelong readers and writers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure their success as effective communicators. Core instruction includes:

  • Whole Group Reading Lessons
  • Read Alouds
  • Guided Reading
  • Phonics Mini Lessons (K-2)
  • Spelling Mini Lessons (1-5)
  • Handwriting Mini Lessons (K-3)
  • Writer’s Workshop

In Leander, EVERY DAY students should be:

  • Reading text of their choice; reading with fluency, accuracy and comprehension.
  • Listening to the fluent reading of an adult.
  • Communicating with others about their reading and writing
  • Writing in their writer’s notebooks about topics of their choice.
  • Thinking critically about text and seeking to develop deeper understandings.


  • Our Units of Study should be our first stop before we search other sources!
  • Guided Reading Website- Great Resources for K-5 (Check out Purposeful Practice; Keyboarding Ideas)
  • DRA Open date pushed to Oct.3; Use previous year's DRA to help start GR groups by week 2 & 3. Data & DRAs will be provided on Wednesday in the Book Rooms during your planning period.

District provided resources include:

Deer Creek Guided Reading Resources - from Summer 2016


  • DRA Training for new teachers September 13 or September 20

  • TPRI Training for new teachers September 1

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Make Sense of Math

Students build conceptual understanding through the intentional use of models to move through the mathematical cognitive processes of concrete, pictorial and abstract development.

Do the Math

Students develop proficiency with mathematical skills and tools that contribute to reasoning and understanding mathematical concepts.

Use the Math

Students apply mathematical understandings to solve authentic, multifaceted problems at varying levels of complexity. As students learn to persevere and become flexible problem solver, they engage in math conversations that help solidify and justify their thinking.


  • Mrs. Dickson's Update Slides

  • Bridges in Mathematics Online Resources- Display Materials

  • Great Quick Start Guides on website under implementation tab.

  • There have been A LOT of updates to the Bridges materials, so your binders ARE NOT the most current resource. Please check the website to see the updates made. Some are small some are BIG! Grade 5 given new module; Grade 4 given new Unit 7 to include more practice with fractions; use old for PACE instruction

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Social Studies

Elementary Social Studies focuses on the “doing” of Social Studies. Students should have the opportunity to practice the skills of historians, geographers and economists through the use of district units of study and resources.


  • Studies Weekly & Online Resources

  • Year-at-a-glance

  • EUS Updates- Green highlights

  • LA Integration- Notice & Note

  • Every Kid Votes

  • Clever Login will give you access to your grade level resources and more!




  • Building Bridges


  • Personal Economics

  • DBQ – (document based questions) included in Essential Units of Study, some units shifted around


  • Updated resources, learning checks (Kahoots, ALREADY CREATED!!!)

  • Online Resource


  • DBQs
  • Online Resources

Mandatory and Optional Recognition Days

Google student site


Elementary Science focuses on hands-on, minds-on experiences to develop:

  • Concept understanding (Matter and Energy; Force, Motion, and Energy; Earth and Space; Organisms and Environments)

  • Process skills

  • Investigation

  • Inquiry

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Tools and Models

  • Science Newsletter


  • New Modules- 2nd (Butterflies on Demand & 5th)
  • Great ARTICLE from Charlie-
  • Student site


  • Butterflies on Demand (Insect Lifecycle TEK in 2nd)

**All 3 science modules have 9-week assessments**

**4 & 5 are still being tweaks and will be sent shortly!**

Performance Tasks

Third ~ In the Middle of Module

Fourth ~ has a blue performance task tub for Properties Matter and is done at the end

Fifth~ In the Middle and End of Module

Curriculum Information & Professional Development:

Science home page:

  • Online Video Training that counts in Eduphoria.

Deer Creek Module Rotation information:

Modules are here for the first 9 weeks!


  • Butterfly Ordering Deadlines ( 1st 9 wks= 8/16, 2nd 9wks= 10/12, 3rd 9wks= 12/14, 4th 9wks= 3/22)
  • Order Critters on the EUS curriculum site by AUG 20 .(Can order now for whole year!)
  • All critters will arrive on Wednesdays
  • 5th Grade: Pillbugs and Elodea will arrive in the same shipment. Rinse elodea with tap water and place in a basin with water.