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Spring Break - Reading and Writing Tips

It is ALMOST time... and EVERYONE is feeling the excitement and ready for that break!

As you and your children are either preparing to head off to a destination vacation or spending time relaxing and sharing memories at home; we wanted to send along some tips and ideas that can help you and your child continue living a

LITERATE LIFE ... even on break :)

Did you know that whether you are staying close, or heading out... you have the opportunity to build your child's schema(background knowledge) ?

Schema is a crucial part of students comprehension, so spend some time during break focusing on this critical skill.

As you travel, make sure you talk about the sights you see or things you come across. Encourage your children to ask questions about the new places you are discovering. Be intentional about the conversations you have with them, encouraging them to find brochures or information blurbs about the new sights to be seen.

Another great addition to document the vacation? A TRAVEL JOURNAL! Encourage your student to document(through writing/drawing or both) their travels and the things they discover. This is a great way to connect relevant and natural writing to the skills they have learned already this year.

If you are staying home, find a way to spend sometime chatting with your child about things we often "forget to notice" at home. Perhaps there is a sign of spring that is finally coming out, spend time chatting or asking questions about those signs. A trip to the museum or local library can create an opportunity for multiple rich conversations with your child.

If all else fails...

Grab a great book to read together and enjoy sharing this time together!!!

Mrs. Brenda Jones

Mrs. Jones has joined the Merton staff as the district literacy specialist/coach. Her role allows her to be in every classroom throughout the school, this gives her the opportunity to see our literacy community as a whole. Throughout the year, Mrs. Jones works with staff through professional development, independent coaching and reading growth.

It has been an incredible start to the year and she is blessed to be able to join the Merton family!

Mrs. Jessica Crozier

Mrs. Crozier is in her second year as Merton's reading specialist. She works with each grade level during their RtI block delivering small group reading instruction. Mrs. Crozier also works with staff through professional development and enjoys promoting a culture of literacy among all of Merton's students and families.