Friday Focus

Friday, April 29, 2016

Huggies Attitude!!

Kids Done Gone Crazy

The good news is that they moved our testing to May so we have more time to prepare them! The bad news is that they moved our testing to May and kids are starting to shut down. I know you're tired and stressed, so student behavior just seems to be the icing on the cake. Let's make a concerted effort to tighten up hallway, bathroom, and classroom procedures. Let's make sure there isn't idle time where students can get in trouble. And, like in the video, remember that a positive attitude changes everything. You are a great teacher and a fantastic classroom manager, don't lose sight of that. Don't forget about all of your tools in your classroom management toolbox. Don't let the kids see your buttons, because sometimes...there is nothing more enjoyable than pushing your teachers' buttons.

Teacher Workday - Tuesday, May 31st

Since we did not have to use our bad weather day, our workday will be Tuesday, May 31st. We'll report to campus at 8:30 a.m. and we'll meet in the library for a couple of reminders. Then you'll have the next couple of hours to finish cleaning, getting your checkout list signed off, and getting rooms ready for summer. Lunch will be served on campus and we will load a school bus at 12:40 to head over to the Junior High. With the construction, parking is almost nonexistent. We'll return to campus after our district gathering and you will be free for the summer!


5/2-5/6 Teacher Appreciation Week (Whoop! Whoop!)

5/4 Library committee meeting - 3:30

5/6 6th Grade Science Fair

5/9 5th Math STAAR retest/6th Math STAAR test

5/10 5th Reading retest/6th Reading STAAR test

5/11 5th Science STAAR test

5/12 Spring Band concert

5/13 Band Soundpost Competition/Campus Needs Assessment

5/13 Nash DANCE