Mrs. Conyers

English 4, UIL Prose and Poetry,

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About Mrs. Conyers

I have taught in CISD since 1995 on both the Middle School and High School Campuses. Both of our sons graduated from CISD and my husband, Ronnie, teaches Physics and UIL Debate. We live in Callisburg and love our community. We travel in the summer and volunteer at Camp Copass in Denton.

I love teaching, teenagers and the written word!

Just imagine what life would be like if we had no language or you couldn't read...I think it would be horrible.

Everyone is worthy of respect. Please treat your classmates and me, as you would like to be treated.

I enforce the Student Code of Conduct; please refer to that if you have any questions.

  • If you choose to disrupt the learning environment in our classroom then your consequences are:

    • 1st offense: Verbal Warning

    • 2nd offense: Conference with me and completion of an action plan. I will follow this up with a phone call to your parents.

    • 3rd offense: You will go to the office. If the infraction is severe, we will skip 1 & 2 and you will go straight to the office.

It is my goal to keep every student in class learning, but I will not tolerate disruptions in the classroom.

Class Supplies: Every student needs a pen/pencil for class.

Cell Phones: Please refer to the student handbook for policies regarding electronic devices. When you enter my room your phone should go into the hanging cubby on my cabinet door. I will let you know when you can use your phone.

Retake- Redo Guidelines

1. Students who fail a test or assignment will be provided an opportunity to retake the test or redo the assignment.

2. Students must notify their teacher in writing that they want to retake or redo an assignment.

3. Teachers will set up a time for the test to be retaken. Redoing an assignment will be handled by the individual teachers, however all make up tests and redoing of assignments must be scheduled within 3 days of the students receiving the grade or having the opportunity to receive the grade. Failure of the student to check grades will not constitute not knowing the posted grade.

4. Retaking or redoing a failed assignment or test for mastery will allow the student to receive a grade to replace the failing grade but cannot be higher than a 70.

5. Retaking of failed tests an assignments is an opportunity for a student to improve their grade but also demonstrate mastery of the test or assignment. It is not a tool for improving grades at the end of the six weeks or semester.

6. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the failing grade becoming final.

Google Classroom

I deliver most of my lessons through Google Classroom. We use the tablets in the cart, but you can bring your own device and load the Google Classroom app. You should get an email from me inviting you to join our class. Please follow the directions.