Parts C and D

Reef Organisms

Organism #1-Killer Whale (Orcinus Orca)

Organism #2-Long-Spined Porcupine Fish (Diodon Holocanthus)

Organism #3-Blue Ring Octopus(Hapalochlaena Maculosa)

Organism #1


Color-Distinctive pattern-Black on its back and white on belly.


Killer Whales can swim at speeds of up to 45 kph (28 mph).


Whales have a thick layer of blubber that helps to insulate a whale from heat loss.

Organism #2


Color-Pale in color with large black blotches and smaller black spots. These spots become fewer in number with age.


Tetrodotoxin in their internal organs making them poisonous.


They can increase in size (almost double vertically) reduces the range of potential predators to those with much bigger mouths.

Organism #3


Color-Brownish yellow with brown patches or maculae that become electric blue when the organism becomes agitated or alarmed.


When agitated its brown patches turn into bright blue rings.


Small enough to fit into small crevices or holes.

Symbiotic Relationships within the Reefs

Glass Shrimp & The Chocolate Chip Sea Star (Commensalism)

Glass Shrimp which are almost completely see through, will attach themselves to the Chocolate Chip Sea Star and take on its coloration. This helps the shrimp camouflage itself so it is not eaten by predators.

Orange Coral Crab & Coral (Mutualism)

The Orange Coral Crab can only be found in one type of coral clump where it lives in and feeds off of the coral. The coral benefits from this relationship because the resident crab cleans it and protects it from predators which prevents it from being over eaten.

Sea Spider & Table Coral (Parasitism)

Sea Spider can be parasitic on many types of coral including the Table corals. in this case, the Sea Spider is the parasite and the Table Coral is the host. Larvae will pierce individual polyps and live inside of them. The Sea Spider will then gain food and nutrients from the corals. This helps the Sea Spider because they don't have to use energy looking for food. It harms the coral because it could use those nutrients for itself.