Instructional Technology Trainer

Melissa Cleaver

About Me

I am your direct support in the area of instructional technology. I have expertise in how to implement integration of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and digital citizenship into the classroom. I strive to incorporate culturally responsive teaching and engagement strategies for all learners. It is my goal to offer support in a manner that complements and supports your School Improvement Plans.

I also want to be one of your biggest cheerleaders who advocates for all the great instruction and learning in your building. So please, invite me out to visit and I'll share via social media your school's story.

Together lets show how your class or school can #OPSInnov8

Elementary Buildings I support...

- Ashland Park Robins - Bancroft - Beals - Belle Ryan - Castelar - Catlin - Chandler View - Columbian - Crestridge - Gateway - Gilder - Gomez - Highland- Indian Hill - Jefferson - Oak Valley - Pawnee - Spring Lake - Washington - Western Hills -

I can help with...

Your Building Tech Support Person or the Help Desk is better for...

When am I available?

Great news! I can be available to you at your request at the times that are best for you. Just email or give me a call to schedule a visit that best fits your schedule. I cannot wait to support you and your students!