Pratt's Primary Corner

Weekly Update- September 1, 2017

Week at a Glance

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to visit our "Me Museums," the students were so proud of their work!! :)

We have continued setting up procedures for our reading workshop this week. Our main focus was "reading is thinking." We brainstormed things good readers think about while reading, how we choose book, and what types of books we prefer. We also introduced our Reader's Notebooks this week, and next week will dive into how to write about reading in them.

Math- We've continued reviewing addition and subtraction strategies and today were able to spend nearly our entire math time playing workplace games. Students were super engaged during this time and those who have a solid understanding of addition/subtraction strategies were able to focus on strategies to win the game.

Writing- This week we began planting seeds for our writing by creating a Heart Map with things we love. We also made lists of things to get us thinking, and talked about why writers write.

Genius Hour- We introduced Genius Hour this week and students are so excited. We started thinking about our passions and things we wonder about, so we can unlock our inner genius. :) You will learn more about Genius Hour at Curriculum Night.

Homework- Name Jar

For homework this week I wanted to do another activity that would help build our classroom culture.

This week, your child will need to conduct an interview with you about his/her name. After interviewing you and researching the meaning of their name, they will write a paragraph about their name on a name jar sheet. They can decorate this sheet when they are finished, as it will go into a class book of names! Everything needed for this assignment has been sent home with your child.

This will be due on Friday September 7th.

Click here to see the assignment. It is also in your child's red homework folder.

Captain Fluffy Winkle

We have a class pet who is mostly kept in Mrs. Callahan's classroom. If you would be interested in caring for him for a weekend, you can sign up below.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Callahan:

MAP Testing

We will take the Reading portion of the MAP test next week, on Wednesday Sept. 6th.

The best way to prepare is to make sure your child gets a full night of sleep and eats breakfast in the morning. :)

Curriculum Night

Curriculum night will be next week, Weds. Sept. 6th from 7:00-7:45 pm.

If you aren't able to attend I will make the slide show available after the event.

Checkout Pictures from our Week!