Room by Emma Donoghue

Module 1 - Chapter One "Presents"

Essential Questions

  1. How do our thoughts change over time with new experiences and awareness?

  2. Within adverse conditions, what roles are parents supposed to play in their children’s lives?

  3. How does fiction connect to real world experiences?

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Mini Lesson #1

Acclimate yourself to the online environment.

Assignment #1 - Anticipation Guide - Complete in Schoology

1. Mothers should always sacrifice for their children.

2. Five year old children are too young to understand much about the world.

3. People can accept almost any living arrangement to survive.

4. It is better to accept your life situations than to fight them.

5. Life is better for kids than it is for adults.

Mini Lesson #2

You will begin to read the novel, “Room”. This novel is told from a five years olds’ point of view. Jack’s understanding and awareness of the world is limited. Because of that, we as the readers need to figure out what is happening in the novel through Jack’s eyes. That means we need to pay attention to details and clues that we can understand, but Jack does not just yet.

Assignment #2 - Jack's POV - Complete in Schoology

Pick THREE questions to answer and post here:

1. Why do you think Jack personifies everyday items? For example, he names his bed, “Bed”, and calls a lamp, a “he”. What does this tell us about Jack’s world?

2. On page 4, describe “Rug”. What do we learn about where Jack was born?

3. What is Jack’s birthday present? Also notice on page 7 that Ma brushes her teeth, and then Jack borrows the toothbrush. What does this tell us about how they live?

4. Notice the Skylight and that Jack calls outside “outer space”. He also calls a spider “real” but the people on TV are not real. What clues does this begin to tell us about their life?

5. Describe how Ma and Jack spend the day. What are some activities? What are they using to play with? At this point in the story what feeling are you getting from this world?

6. On page 18, who is “Old Nick” and what does Jack think about him?

7. How does reading a novel from the point of view of a five year old affect how to read a story? Using your understanding of Jack’s point of view, how would you describe his world, and what prediction can you make about the story?

Mini Lesson #3

What is diction?

Look at quotes from the text and figure out what they add to our understanding of Jack & Ma’s life in Room. We are analyzing Jack's "DICTION", and not only WHAT but HOW Jack's speech reveals what we learn about our novel.

*Diction refers to the author’s choice of words.

* Words are the writer’s basic tools:

* They create the color and texture of the written work.

* They both reflect and determine the level of formality.

* They shape the reader’s perceptions.

*Titter, giggle, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, roar, snicker, snigger, cackle

*Steal, purloin, pinch, rip off, filch, embezzle, burglarize, rob, hold up, snatch, grab, help oneself to, appropriate

Assignment #3 - Jack's Diction (language) - Complete in Google Docs and submit in Schoology

Mini Lesson #4

One of the most important indicators of success in our society today is the ability to read and interpret what one reads, whether it is a ballot, a news article, or memos at work. High school students need to be prepared to not only understand what they read, but to also make connections to other works of literature, self, and world, extending the ideas that are presented in the story, and evaluating the author. This assignment is designed to help you work toward mastering those standards. Completing these reading logs will help you remember what you've read and prove that you are making progress in your book.

Remember to write in full paragraphs using our class model.

Assignment #4 - Reading Journal - Complete and submit in Schoology

o What questions are you asking yourself as you read?

o What thoughts/ideas are you considering?

o When do you reread? When do you pause and think?

o From what previous knowledge are you drawing as you make conclusions?

o What words must you stop and define in order to understand crucial information?

o What striking images do you see?

o What words are sticking out for you? Why?

Mini Lesson #5

What drives conflict? Our wants, our needs often cause conflict within ourselves or outside of ourselves. Often we have obstacles that hinder us from fulfilling our wants and needs. Once way to analyze conflict with our fictional characters is to notice what wants and needs they have, and how they try to fulfill them, as well as the obstacles they have.


Internal Conflict is what happens inside a character. The struggle they have with themselves.

External conflict is the struggle the character has with forces outside of him.

We see the growing awareness of Jack, and both the internal and external struggle he now has. As you read make notes of the thoughts

Jack has on how he views the world, and how that is changing. Also make notes of what and how he questions his mother.

These conflicts show a growing awareness of his situation. We, the reader, get to experience the feelings and effects of Room as

we pay attention to Jack’s conflicts. This enhances our experience

Assignment #5 - Conflict in "Room" - Complete and submit in Schoology

Mini Lesson #6

When we read this poem, even if we do not totally understand it, we can begin to see some similarities to our novel "Room". One way to approach comprehending difficult works is to do some research to help us figure out what it means. Working to figure something out can be difficult or frustrating, but once we do, we have the satisfaction of completion.

Assignment #6A - Danae & Persueus Adrift - Read this


As storm winds foundered their bolted chest

And mouthing breakers hollered them about,

She wrapped her arms around her son and wept

Into his ear, "Pale child, while night fears rise

To fuel this storm, death-bound in our brass-ribbed

Boat you sleep the sleep of infancy.

No salt wrack from the breakneck waves

Or rumple of wind off the panels has marked

Your brow in its swathe. So sleep, my child,

As I pray the sea will also sleep, my fears

Will sleep, the gods will sleep and dream us

Safely back to land. And if what I ask offends

The gods or breaches the mortal contract,

Then I pray to be forgiven for that as well.”

Assignment #6B - Danae & Perseus Presentation - Complete and submit in Schoology

Construct a short presentation on the poem “Danae and Perseus Adrift” using PowerPoint, Prezi or Google Docs

Slide #1 – Pictures about the poem

Slide #2 – Write your own explanation of the poem

Slide #3 – Explain how the poem can/may be connected to our novel “Room”.