By: Lewis Carroll

Mikaelyn Dick


Alice and her sister sit by the riverbank reading, when Alice spots a White Rabbit who jumps down a hole. Alice follows the rabbit down the hole and ends up in a great hallway lined with doors. Alice finds her way around Wonderland shrinking and growing and bumping into many rude people. Alice shrinks and grows by drinking and eating items that say "Drink me" or "Eat me." The creatures she runs into are considered mad. They go on and on about their problems but don't really understand anything else around them. Wonderland is run by the Queen of Hearts. Most of the creatures are scared of her because she executes people. When Alice first runs into the Queen of Hearts she saves many gardeners from the Queen. The Queen then invites Alice to an odd game of croquet. Through all the madness of this game, Alice meets the Mock Turtle who tells her everything she needs to know about Wonderland. Alice then attends a trial. At this trial they are accusing the Knave of Hearts of stealing the Queen's tarts. Many people stand to give there evidence but none of it makes sense. Alice is called to the stand. The Queen becomes so mad at her that she orders Alice to be executed, but Alice grows too tall and knocks over the Queen's playing cards. All of a sudden, Alice wakes up and finds herself in her sisters lap. Alice tells her sister about her dream and goes inside for tea.


The genre of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is fiction, fantasy and children's literature, because it is a made up story that is full of nonsense and fun adventures!


Was the ending satisfactory?

I think that the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ends very well. Alice finds herself awake from her dream and sitting on her sisters lap. She tells her sister about the dream and then goes inside for tea. I believe the ending is acceptable because it is simple and lets the reader know Alice was dreaming and remembers everything that happened.


The book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was a very adventurous book. I really enjoyed reading about Alice's adventures. It was exciting to read all about Alice's journey through Wonderland. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a big imagination or someone looking for an adventurous book.


Reading a children's book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, in high school was interesting. This book is different from any other book that I have read because it is full of adventures and utter chaos. Lewis Carroll does a great job of painting a picture into your head of how Wonderland would really look. The book describes all of Alice's adventures through Wonderland and describes all the mad creatures she runs into. This book requires you to use imagination and to think like a child again. I thought it was interesting how Carroll brings in the stories most children are suppose to hear and learn a lesson from, but in this book none of it leads to an exact lesson. This book leads more to adventure and fun instead of moral lessons.

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