John Green

by Olivia Godar


John Green is an American author of many books directed towards teen girls. John Green won a best young adult book for his book turned movie Paper Towns. John has a total of 6 books. He graduated from Kenyon college in Ohio with a degree in Religion and English. John also has many other accomplishments and jobs besides just writing books. He founded a very popular youtuber convention called VidCon along with launching a program for teens called CrashCourse, CrashCourse is a series of short educational videos, theres also CrashCourseKids. John has a youtube channel called VlogBrothers that he owns with his brother, Hank. Project for Awesome is another trend John started, Project for Awesome is an event that encourages youtubers to take 2 days to make videos for charity's. Mental Floss is a youtube magazine that Green is the frontman of. And lastly Dear Hank and John is there podcast that they do once a week. John is a very accomplished and talented author.
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Looking For Alaska

Miles Halter is your typical boring friendless teenager who was obsessed with peoples last words. Miles' life was completely normal until he moved to Culver Creek boarding school where he met Chip Martin and Alaska Young. Alaska was everything that Miles wasn't. Alaska was loud and fearless and brave. Alaska changed Miles into a totally new person and then nothing was the same After...
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Will Grayson Will Grayson

One night in Chicago 2 boys named Will Grayson found each other. Slowly they found out that they were very similar in their personal lives. All while Will Graysons best friend and the other Will Graysons boyfriend Tiny is making a musical about him discovering that he was gay. Will Grayson and Will Grayson are both learning how to deal with relationships and being a teenager. They're goals and the things they find important change drastically since meeting each other. How will there relationships change throughout the rest of the book?
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Paper Towns

Quin Jacobson has been loving his neighbor Margo Roth Speigleman since they were kids, but he never had a chance with her until one night when she shows up at his window with a mission. Q agreed and they had the best night of his life. They got revenge on everyone who had somehow wronged Margo. Right when he finally has his chance with her, she disappears. Now Q has to find her, using the clues shes left.