The Republic of Uzbekistan

The Flag of Uzbekistan

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Map of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is located in Asia towards the Middle East and is known for its history, for example, some of its cities were main points of the silk road.
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Ethnic Makeup

81.1% Uzbek

5.4% Russian

4.0% Tajik

3.0% Kazakh

2.5% Karakalpak

1.5% Tatar

2.5% others


The official language of Uzbekistan is Uzbek, but other common languages include Bukharic, Crimean Tatar, Karakalpak, Kazakh, Russian, Tajiki, and Turkish.

Popular Foods

Breads and noodles are very common in Uzbekistan because of their grain-farming. Their signature dish is called palov, and it is made using rice, meat, carrots and onions. Another notable dish is a soup called shurpa which has chunks of meat and vegetables.

Traditions/ Important Holidays

Uzbekistan is a very traditional country, and their traditions have remained unchanged for centuries.

  • Beshik-Tui is a very popular holiday which is celebrated on the 40th day after a child's birthday.
  • Khatna-Kilish is a rite of circumcision and is preformed normally at the age of 3, 7 or 9.
  • Nikokh Tui (Wedding): The wedding ceremony is one of the largest Uzbekistan ceremonies.
  • Uzbek traditional clothes are a very big part of their culture also. Basically, men's traditional clothing includes a quilted robe tied with a kerchief. Women have a traditional dress and headdress.
  • Hospitality is a very important aspect to the people of Uzbekistan. To not have a guest for a Uzbek family is looked down upon and disgraceful.