Alpaca Plush

100% Alpaca Skin Soft Rug for Living Room

We have available a variety of skin rugs, such as natural leather, Animal patchwork, printed carpets and leather(animal print), dyed colors and combined into a single color, as well , so it is possible to find rugs feels best with your furniture.

We are exporters of leather carpets, rugs we sell; we sell only the best leathers with hair everywhere. Our alpaca rugs add a sense of beauty, style and class to any home or decoration. These are surprisingly soft, luxurious and comfortable. Alpaca Fur is 10 times hotter, stronger and lighter than sheep's wool or any artificial fiber. It is even hotter than goose. The Alpaca fur is naturally hypoallergenic and free of lanolin. It is in front of the fireplace at the foot of the bed or as a decorative piece anywhere in your home, you can enjoy this beautiful alpaca rug for life. After stroking the foot with one of our carpet, you will not rest your feet anywhere else.

The beautiful carpets fur or leather Baby Alpaca Rug are handmade by skilled craftsmen, the main feature of these rugs is the extreme softness of alpaca hair and natural shine. 100% Alpaca skin rug handcrafted by our artisans with original design. It can be used as a carpet, but also hung on the wall as part of the decor of your home or pillowcase.

Our Products are 100% is environmentally friendly.