The American Dream

David Herrera

The American Dream

The American Dream is something that everyone wants to have in America. It is to have one or more dreams come true because you either you want to be successful and/or it is something you just want to accomplish for your own benefit.
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3 Charaterziters of the American Dream

Sense of gratification, accomplishment, and happiness.

My American Dream

Acquire a family and live live in a nice house in the suburbs, have multiple nice cars, be CEO of a Fortune 500 company like Jordan Belfort (except not go to jail).

Explanation of characteristics in my American Dream

I would have a sense of gratification because I'll have a family. A sense of accomplishment because I'll be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and happiness because i'll have done all that was listed.
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Explanation of symbol of my American Dream

The picture shows the sense of accomplishment when the dream you have worked for so long for has come true. The sense of utter joy and gratitude, as well as the feeling of being finished with a long term goal.