3 Bad Drugs Heathly? or Deadly?

What you think?

Are these 3 type of drugs Heathly or Deadly?

When you are looking at the information that is all collected people wonder is this drug good or bad for are body's. Yes you may think its good for your body but actually be very bad for you also. There are drugs that can be even be signed to you that are not good for you but can ODC on the drug at the same time. Lets look and see what you think what people should do. See what you think the drug is health now then what you think you know.


Category of drug: A suicide or a depression area

Other drugs: Opiates,Barbiturates and alcohol

Psychological effects of use: Some psychological that can happen to you is loss of memory, or a person judgement, they can have mood swing and might get depressed

Physiological effects of use: When a person takes depressants, the person becomes relax at first then after a while weird things start happening. Your reaction become slower, you can get a lazy eye, and slurred speech

Statistics: This drug can slow down the brain for long-term

Warnings: This can lead to suicide risks and medication problems

Regulations/ laws: This no matter what illegal for people to use. They police are always making sure the law is being follow correct and not broken.


Category of drug: Stimulants

Other drugs: Are the Nicotine, Cocaine, and Meth

Psychological effects of use: This drug can make make your heartbeat faster then it should, it is a high risk of body temperture.

Physiological effects of use: This can really make you not act yourself. This makes you get paranoia and go crazy.

Statistics: This drug can make your risk in health feel way high and makes it risky to take.

Warnings: Risk for heart problems, and will have very bad health

Regulations/laws: It is a major world wide illegal drug to use and you get caught you will be get stuck with fines and you keep doing it you will get sent to jail for a while or how much you have on you depends too.


Category of drug: Hallucinogens

Other drugs: Mariguana, LSD, and Shrooms

Psychological effects of use: This drug can make you see things, hear sounds but they dont exist.

Physiological Effects of use: This can make you have a dry mouth,dilated pupils and sweat or chill (goose bumps)

Statistics: Around the under age people have more interests in the Hallucinogens drug then the order people.

Warnings: Your brain might see something different and react to the issuse, This can make you feel depress and go crazy after getting use to it and been using it for a while.

Regulation's/Laws: This actually can be legal if its signed to you. If you dont hace it signed the law will attack. What i mean by that is if you dont have it signed to you, are seeing jail time and stuck on your personal record.