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USD 232

December 2, 2013

PD OnDemand: Guided Math

Guided Math

State Assessment Update

Click here to read the State Assessment Update!

Topics Include:

  • 2013 State Assessment results
  • Achievement Measures
  • Student Growth Measures
  • Gap Reduction Measures
  • Reducing Non-Proficient Measures

Student Emails in Skyward

Skyward users can now view student district email addresses in Educator Access

  • To view/edit/delete a student’s email address: Go to Educator Access / Student
Management / Students / Student Profile / General / Web Access
  • To email a student from within Skyward
Teachers – from any list of students in Educator Access, click a student’s name > on the main screen below the student’s picture, click the link to send an email
Administrators and Student Management users – go to Student Profile / General / Profile > click the email address displayed in the school email field to send an email
  • To create a list of email addresses
A data mining report has been created for you to clone if you would like to generate a list of all the email addresses for the students in your building. The report is named “Student Email Addresses”.

As new students are added to Skyward, an email address will automatically be created. Secretaries at elementary schools will need to delete the email addresses that are created for students in grades PK-2nd grade.

Tech Tip: Sticky Notes

You can use a Sticky Note to write a to-do list, jot down a phone number, or do anything else that you'd use a pad of paper for.

  1. Open sticky notes by clicking on the Start button. In the search box, type Sticky Notes, and then click on Sticky Notes in the list of results.
  2. To create additional notes, click the New Note button.
  3. You can also open a new note by pressing Ctrl+N.

For more information on using Sticky Notes, click here.

Let's Take a Peek Inside Some Classrooms!

Elementary Art at Starside

Chris Cappel, the Starside Art Teacher, has an amazing display in the main hall of Starside Elementary! His fourth and fifth graders completed a unit on Folk Art by creating a 2-D or 3-D skeletal portrait. They placed the skeleton in an everyday activity to provide "clues" to the viewer as to why they chose to celebrate this particular individual. Every 2-D or 3-D skeletal portrait also includes an artist reflection written by the students explaining their project.
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Astronomy Skyping

The first grade students in Lindsay Murphy's class at Riverview Elementary had some astronomy questions for the eighth grade students in Amy Hanna's science class. Both grades are studying astronomy, so this was a perfect opportunity to collaborate through Skype within our own district!

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Teaching & Learning Department

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Director of Teaching and Learning

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Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning

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High School Curriculum Coordinator

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Elementary/Middle School Curriculum Coordinator