Reading Spring Final

Melanie Terry

Demeter and Persephone

(a) What was the consequence of Demeter’s actions?

Demeter is selfish so everyone has to suffer through winter when Persephone is gone.

(b) How did humankind suffer as a result of one individual’s impulses?

Demeter made everything die so people suffered when things wouldn’t grow.

(c) What does this myth suggest about the effects of an individual’s actions on the

community as a whole?

The myth suggests that an individual can make the community suffer if they disagree with something that happens.

Popocatepetl and Ixtlaccihuatl

(a) Was the Emperor’s decision at the legend’s beginning better for the individual or the


The Emperor’s decision was better for individual because he didn’t want anyone to marry his daughter, but the people would have no one to rule when he died.

(b) Is it ever important to consider the needs of a community over the needs of an

individual? Explain.

It is important to consider the needs of the community over individual. The emperor made the community suffer because he didn’t want anyone to marry his daughter, but that would mean there would be nobody to take care of the people when he died.

Sun and Moon in a Box

(a) How do Coyote’s ignorance and selfishness cause harm to others?

Coyote was curious and he didn’t think about how it would affect everyone else(the community). He opened the box and caused everyone to lose the summer.

(b) Which character bears more blame for losing the sun and moon? Why?

I think Eagle bears more blame because he let Coyote convince him to steal the box, and he also let Coyote have the box when he knew Coyote couldn’t be trusted.

(c) What does this folk tale imply about the individual’s responsibility to the community?

Eagle should have been more responsible in his choice to give Coyote the box. Coyote should have been responsible instead of just opening the box without thinking about what could happen.
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