Chief Tech Chat

All Things Instructional Technology - September 1, 2015

iPads Are Coming Soon!

I know you are all anxiously awaiting your iPads! Take the time now to establish your classroom rules and routines with the iPads. If you need help establishing these, please let me know. Also when you have established yours, please send me a copy (and don't forget to post them in the classroom). Thanks!

STEM Fridays and Other Upcoming Events

Once again this year, we will be having STEM Fridays on the last Friday of each month. This will work just about the same way it did last year, although I would encourage you all to find a partner class on a different grade level to work with on at least some of these projects. If you'd like to have a partner class, just find one on your own and then let me know, or let me know you are interested and I can help you find one!

Here are the dates and topics for this year:

Sept. 25 - Intro to STEM (or work on your Fair contest entries)

Oct. 30 - Spooky STEM

Nov. 20 - Fall into STEM

Dec. 7-13 - Hour of Code

Dec. 14 - 18 - Elf STEM or Polar Express STEM

Jan. 29 - Cold STEM

Feb. 22 -26 - Engineers Week - start thinking now about people you might know to invite!

Mar. 25 - Spring into STEM

Apr. 22 - (not the last Friday, but Earth Day) - Recycled STEM

May - STEM Challenge Week

Let's Be Leaders at the Fair!

Let's show all of Spartanburg what talented students we have at Chapman! There are 2 great opportunities for STEM lessons connected to contests at the fair. If your class chooses to participate, I will be happy to help in any way (including taking your entry to the fairgrounds). I have plenty of recycled materials in my room that you are welcome to as well. Please let me know if you plan to participate and I will get the entry forms ready for you. Both are due on October 10. If you plan to send entries to the Juice Carton Barn Contest, we will need to have a form turned in by Oct. 1 to reserve a space.

Here are the details for the 2 contests:

Scarecrow Contest – Open to all schools by class, clubs, or other groups in which the students construct a life size scarecrow from all recyclable materials. Winners will receive money for their school and prizes for their group. Winners will be announced on Monday of Fair Week. Sponsored by Bojangles, Spartan Photo Center, Steve Parker Painting, Spartan Bakery, Pizza Inn-Hillcrest and the Piedmont Interstate Fair.

Juice Carton Barn Contest - Open to ages 1st thru 6th grades and Exceptional Children (any age). Entries should be constructed from Juice Cartons, Quaker Oats Boxes, Cereal Boxes, etc. (not baked gingerbread or cookies) decorated to look like any kind of barn with various materials like paint, construction paper, Popsicle sticks, straws, craft materials, natural materials, etc. Three (3) prizes will be awarded in each division.

Digital Citizenship Lessons Are Back!

Let's start today with a Chief Cheer for Mrs. Horton and Mrs. Rigsby who have already taught their first digital citizenship lessons!! They are both being very proactive and being sure that their students are beginning to understand internet safety! Thanks, ladies.

Please remember that everyone needs to be doing at least one digital citizenship lesson per month. I have a link below to the Common Sense Media's Scope and Sequence for Digital Citizenship Lessons. The lessons that I am suggesting for the month of September all focus on basic internet safety. For K-2 they are "Going Places Safely" or "Staying Safe Online." For 3-5 I am suggesting "Rings of Responsibility" or "Digital Citizenship Pledge." Remember that since we are putting digital tools into our children's hands, we are obligated to make sure they know how to use those devices responsibly!

Remember that you will have to set up a free account at Common Sense Media in order to download all of the lesson materials. And also please remember to let me know when you plan to teach your lesson each month so I can keep track of our school goal to have at least half of our teachers get CSM certified this year!

Housekeeping Notes

1. Please remember to send your class mission statement to me when you have it written. The Lighthouse Team would like for them to be uniform when they are hanging in the hallway. Feel free to display them inside the classroom however you wish.

2. Also please send me a copy of your daily schedule if you have not done so yet, so I can update the QR code outside your classroom. If you do not have a QR code, please let me know that as well, so I can create one for you.

3. Please keep track of the students in your class who have turned in their District Issued Electronic Device Student Pledge pages. When you have all of yours (signed by parents and students), please let me know. Note to 3-5 teachers: students WILL NOT be able to take their iPads home if they have not returned this form.