Plant Project

Destiny Foster

The name of my Plant and Environment

Binomial name: Spins di Palma

Common name: Palm Thorns

The plant was discovered in the desert part of Kepler 22-b. My environment is the desert

My Plant

Adaptations & Reproductive Method

1 it's poisonous to most things that try and destroy it

2 it has thorns so a difense mechanism

3 when it gets super dry in the desert the plant has storages water so it never runs out

I know my plant is sexual because it has the female and male parts of a plant just like the palm tree on earth.

Seed Dispersal

The plant has little pods the drop to the ground and the open then the wind will carry them to other parts of the desert or the animals will.

Similar Plant on Earth

My plant is similar to a palm tree because it has the leaves and long trunk