The Best of Burgin

The story of Elizabeth as a Patriot

Burgin Starting a Plan

  • Many Patriots were capture by the Red Coats, and Burgin felt sorry for them
  • Prisoners were poorly treated, and and not taken care of
  • Elizabeth decided to try and smuggle them off the ship
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Taking the First Steps

Patriots were often captured by the British, and taken as prisoners. Burgin decided to bring food and water to the freezing cold prisoners. Most of the men in prison had the disease of yellow fever and small pox, which was wiping them out, so Elizabeth decided to plan on smuggling the prisoners off the ship.

The Great Escape

Elizabeth and an American officer sneakily took more than 200 prisoners off the ship within weeks. Burgin was able to sneak them off by telling them to be wait for her to come to the ship, ready to escape. Because it was a cold winter in 1779-80, the men were able to walk across the ice, and walk to freedom.

What an Impact

Because of Burgin's great accomplishment, George Washington heard about this, and told the Continental Congress. Elizabeth then received a pension in 1781 for her heroism, and brave sacrifice. Burgin was putting her life on the line to free these prisoners, and was so wanted from the British, that they would give two hundred pounds for her to be captured. (This was how much a British soldier was paid after twenty years of service.)
People should never wonder or guess who the greatest women was in during the American Revolution, because we know that its Elizabeth Burgin.
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By: Jenny Weisenborn, Chase Thraen, & Tyler Buman