Styles of Architecture

Italianate vs Art Deco

Similarites / Common Features

- Elaborate / Detailed Design

- Many Windows

- Vertical Form

-Hip Roofs or Flat Roofs


- Glazed Doors

- Angled Bay Windows

- Balconies

- Imploring Cornice Structures

- Rectangular

-Sloping Roofs

- Columned Entryway

- Square Towers / Cupolas

- Tall, Rounded Windows

Art Deco

-Long Glass Box Windows

-Modern Technology


-Straight Lines

-Smooth Walls


-Simplified Forms

-Experimentation With Interior Materials

-Smooth Faced Stone and Metal


Art Deco and Italianate homes have some similarities, but in most senses are very different. Art Deco seems more modern and fits in better with other modern / futuristic homes, while Italianate seems to have a hint of history and fits in better with older / older-styled homes. Art Deco is found more along the coast while Italianate is found in towns in Italy and in central and Southern North America.

We prefer Art Deco because it's simpler and more "clean." This makes for an easier-to-look-at home while also being modern and elaborate.

Steve Smith and Kyla Spivey