Ridgeview Review

Week 16 ~ December 15, 2014

Attending your child's holiday party

If your child attends Ridgeview and you would like to visit their party on Friday, please make arrangements with a specialist or co-curr teacher to cover your class for 10 minutes while you are gone. Parents should never be left in the classroom without staff supervision.

Keller ISD Literacy Institute

The 12 day Literacy Institute is designed to enhance authentic teaching in reading and writing using research based interactive activities. Participants will experience the Institute from a learner’s perspective as trainers share writing strategies to help teachers differentiate to meet the needs of their students.

This year you have two Institutes to choose from:

Summer I: May 14,19,21,28 and June 8-11, 15-18

Summer II: July 27-20, August 3-6, Sept. 23, 30, and Oct. 7, 14

Sessions are limited to 30 participants, so sign up early to reserve your spot. Completion of 12 days = 72 CPE hours, GT and Sheltered Instruction 6 hr. updates.

Contact for additional information: Joanna.ratliff@kellerisd.net

January 5 Professional Development

Please register in My Learning Plan before you leave on Friday. All general ed and Resource teachers will be here for training. It is called "RES Transform Day".

This week at RES...

Ho, Ho, Ho! It's a jeans week for all!


TMI Show Choir to perform for 3rd and 4th grades at 9:30


*Special treat from Becky and Jacque

Ridgeview Regents to Heritage House at 3:30


* Special treat from Jacque

Becky off campus all day

Math Common Assessment Day


*Breakfast in the teacher's lounge from your office staff

Kevin Hood on campus, 10 AM

Grade Level Chair meeting cancelled


Assembly Schedule!

Holiday parties at 2:00