This is me

Haylee Sorto


one of my favorite things to do is swim, roller blade, biking, running


get at least 80's and above

get commended on the staar test

Have a good year with my teachers

Things you didnt know about me

My favorite color is deep sky blue

I go to church (im christian) :)

I like starbucks! :)

things i like

impractical jokers is one my favorite shows on TV

i like to cook and try new things

i like to spend time with my friends and family

something i like to do out of school

something i like to do when m not in school is listen to music. I enjoy listening to music when I am working , because it helps me concentrate and focus. i also love to sing along to the song. down below is one of my favorite songs i like to listen to.
Touch The Sky (lyric video) - Hillsong UNITED

places i like to go to

red lobster

hurricane harbor

klyde warren park

Goals for my school future

i want to graduate and go to Baylor university

get a scholarship

get a teachers degree

my favorite subject in school

one of my favorite subject is reading/language arts. I like that subject since I love to read and write.I have also always been good at that subject, so maybe that's why I like it a lot.

Family heritage

My mom and dad were born in El Salvador located in central america.The primary language in El Salvador is Spanish.Most of my, uncles, and aunts were born there,they were brought here at a young age and came to school here. most of my cousins were born here in the united my brothers and I. We are the first generation from my family to be born here in the united states.